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Hello Evertonians! I am a Finnish EFC supporter and wanted to know your honest thoughts on Roberto Martinez. Personally I have lost a bit of faith in him since the 13-14 season. That season, the potential of the team was fully maximised. There was structured defending, fantastic attacking displays on a regular basis, and true spine when needed, winning us points in tight places like Cardiff at home or both the Swansea and the West Ham fixtures, United and away... and so on.

Last season was obviously very disappointing. There was small glimpses of good attacking play, but definitely not regularly. The defending as a team was atrocious at times, and more annoyingly, at times when one goal for or against would change the outcome of the game. We shipped so many easy goals, and then we pulled small comebacks that weren't enough to save shit, ending up losing by one goal/drawing. Do you follow me?

Anyway, last season made me seriously doubt Roberto's ability to motivate, his authority and his ability to organize the defense. There has been talk about him simply taking over a good defensive unit created by Moyes, which I don't think is far from the truth. Roberto isn't a guy who when leading at the 80 min would be like "you'd better keep this up or I'll batter you" he's more like "oh lads I hope we can keep this up. If not, I can always look the reporter in the eyes with my innocent puppy eyes and tell the world we deserved more". Sorry for the bad expression. Just trying to make a point clear. But honestly, he's too nice. Has no authority over the players.

At least David Moyes had the authority to make the players work their socks off and grind out results occasionally, a talent severely downshifted under Martinez. The Bournemouth game shows this so well. We let Bournemouth come into the game, and once again showed naivety and lack of character beyond belief.

You might argue that it was the ref's fault (a bit of truth in that), but for fuck sake to first lose the two goal lead and then lose the lead again in that way. It had me seething. Shaking by anger. I'm not saying these kinds of things never happened under Moyes, because it did at some point every season, but at least not regularly! The team had a mental presence, drive and will to work that made EFC arguably the most over-achieving team compared to e.g. it's financial funds in the Premier league during David's reign. It had steel.

This team has so much talent, but so much naivety, and I blame it very much on Martinez. He's a confidence manager, a guy who is always there to lift you up. He never gives you a good kick in the ass, which sometimes is needed. In Wigan's dressing room, there was not that much to be positive about, as it was simply not a very good Premier League side, so his approach fitted ever so well there. But guys like Lukaku, Barkley, Deulofeu, Stones etc need to get toughened up, which is not happening atm. It did under Moyes. Even the more experienced players like Jagielka and Barry have become surprisingly inconsistent. I believe they would also need some hard times in the dressing room.

To finish it up, I think that if Roberto doesn't change, we're gonna keep on winning at home by three-four goals after splendid performances, and the next week get a draw or lose after dull/unbalanced/ straight out atrocious performances. He has got my weak trust so far, but if we don't finish in the top 8, he is finished for me.

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