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I just thought some may be interested in having a look at something I came across on YouTube while doing a bit of research into the history of Liverpool — the city, that is!

Take a look at the following YouTube video, found by typing in the searchbox 'Liverpool Police Recruitment Film circa 1950':

The whole thing is very much worth a watch (about 35 minutes) but otherwise take it forward to 17 minutes. At this point it shows policing of a game at Goodison Park. The old façade can be seen in all its glory — why did they ever knock it down? I'd forgotten how classy it used to be.

It then shows the team running onto the pitch. I don't recognise anybody because it's a bit before my time but it must have been around the time we came up to the First Division. It then goes to Anfield at which point you can fast forward it but you can see the stand is almost empty at kick off time.

It's worth a look.

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