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This season has now reached a crucial stage; before the start of the season, many of the Everton faithful (myself included) were worried about the tough opposition we were facing in the opening 10 fixtures.

Many people feared we would be languishing in the relegation zone after the first 10 games. Thankfully, these fears did not come to pass. I think its fair to say we haven't covered ourselves in glory thus far, or disgraced ourselves; we've been a mixed bag.

There's been a couple of outstanding performances so far e.g Southampton and Chelsea games. There was the no-show against Man Utd at Goodison. But for the most part, we've been reasonably competitive without really putting together a consistent run of wins. We currently have 17 points on the board after 12 games played, having already played the so-called top teams.

These next 7 games, I feel, are going to be crucial to where we are heading this season; there are 21 points to be gained and now is the time to start making a real impact in the league, before the halfway point. The opposition is:

Aston Villa (h)
Bournemouth (a)
Crystal Palace (h)
Norwich (a)
Leicester (h)
Newcastle (a)
Stoke (h)

This is a very kind looking fixture list... but there are of course, no easy games. I think anything over 30 points (after 19 games) will represent a decent (or good, depending on how many points over 30 are gained) first half to the season. Anything under 30 points, would be a little disappointing.

This season (or any other season for that matter) isn't all about the league though; the Premier League is awash with money and higher up our team finishes, the more money is gained. Its also a true indicator of how good (compared to the rest) our team is, because its played over 38 games... But, it's also been 21 years of hurt since Dave Watson lifted the FA Cup.

It only occurred to me the other day that Martinez could achieve something very unique by winning a trophy. That is because he would become the first Everton manager that isn't an ex-player to win a trophy. All our trophy winning managers played for Everton:

Harry Catterick:
2 Division 1 Championships
1 FA Cup
2 Charity Shields

Howard Kendall
2 Division 1 Championships
1 FA Cup
1 UEFA Cup Winners Cup
3 Charity Shields

Colin Harvey
1 Charity Shield

Joe Royle
1 FA Cup
1 Charity Shield

This I find astonishing! We must be the only club in the country to have this unique bit of history. Oh and before some 'Everton know it all' try's to throw the name: Thomas H McIntosh into the mix, I would just like to point out he was secretary not manager. Everton were actually one of the last league teams to appoint a manager. Before this, the team selection was made by coaches and boardroom members. Theo Kelly was actually our first ever manager in 1939.

Anyway, here's hoping Martinez can, at the very least, achieve a points total over 60 points (that would represent progress in my opinion) by the seasons end. But most importantly (for me anyway) end the 21 years of hurt by breaking the Everton tradition by becoming the first manager - who didn't play for Everton - to win silverware.

Come on, Bobby, break the mould.

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