Culture of blame vs Culture of not taking responsibility

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The statement from Tim Howard this week in the Echo (Tim Howard says criticism of him comes from a "blame culture") got me thinking... Yes, I agree to an extent that we live in a culture of blame. But that’s not the whole story.

In fact, in many ways over the past 20 years, life has changed completely – mostly due to life in the fast lane of the Internet.

Corruption is being laid bare, companies and individuals are becoming more transparent, and the spotlight is on those in positions of power and leadership.

In nearly all cases, when the sun shines in, you can see the dirt. That’s life, Tim. You’re a public persona, earning big money; if you claim a role of leadership in the dressing room, then you need to do the same on the pitch.

Even if you’re not captain, you’ve been around long enough yourself to know your job. And no, the fans are not fools. We may not be managers, not professional keepers, but we do know a thing or two about football (on the whole).

Fact is: the goal area is yours – to manage and control; be in charge, take responsibility and ownership. Yes, leadership means ownership and taking responsibility and that brings me to my second point.

If we have a 'culture of blame', then I beg the question: Is this not down to the fact that so many of our ‘leaders’ and ‘role models’ and those in charge run away from taking responsibility when the chips are down?

Yes, it is a team sport; yes, the defence could have done better on those two crosses at Arsenal, but YOU Tim, did not do YOUR job. You did not take responsibility and seem to be willing to continue like that. Just say "It was crap... should have done better." Work hard and get better. Honesty and taking responsibility go a long way to making a good leader.
Otherwise, arrogance and unwillingness to listen and learn will come back and bite you very very hard. Just ask Jose Mourinho over at Stamford Bridge.

Time now to stand up straight and be honest. That's where respect starts.

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