Brexit, what will happen now?

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As a Brit living in Australia, I have watched the events of the last 24 hours with interest. My opinion on whether this will be a good or bad thing for the UK is irrelevant, but I got to thinking about what the impact would be on English football and, more importantly, Everton.

Firstly, Brexit has no influence on membership of Uefa, so Europa league, Champions League and the Euros stay as is, with English clubs and the international teams remaining and participating in those competitions.

Secondly, movement of players to and from Europe will largely remain unchanged, at the first team level. Overseas players that want to move to an English club, will still be able to, as long as they meet the same criteria that non-European players have to meet, currently.

What will change is the younger European players, playing in the Premier League. Maybe we won't see the likes of Deulofeu, Robles, etc. Maybe we won't see Premier League clubs taking short cuts in development by buying up the young European talent, but this is not a bad thing. It will mean that English teams will have to develop local talent, and take it seriously. The likes of Dowell, Davies, Pennington and Kenny, will have more opportunities to stake a claim for a first team place. It might take a few years, but it could see a surge of local youngsters coming through the ranks.

Will it result in a reduction of the over-inflated wages that players get these days? Probably not. Will it diminish the appeal of the Premier League in terms of TV? Probably not, as there will still be the marquee players playing in the league. Will it mean Everton have an advantage? I think yes. We already have a well developed academy, so we have a jump on our competition, but I also think it will have a beneficial impact on the English (and Welsh, Irish and Scottish) national teams, because there will be a lot more local talent playing at the highest level.

It also means that the FA could instigate a cap on overseas players again, which will speed up this change.

So, my view is Brexit will be good for Everton, and also the home nation teams.

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