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Opinion & Articles

Contributions from our editorial team, featured columnists and readers.

Analysis for Change

Mike Fisher

We have the best squad of players for years, but a less than average team. Martinez cannot deliver at the highest level and his persistence with trying to out score the opposition is fundamentally flawed.

The Window

Mike Fisher

On the benefits of the window being open after the season has started, the John Stones saga and the hopes for one big signing before Tuesday's transfer deadline

An Alternative View

Mike Fisher

Is there no future? — you may ask. The key in my previous paragraph is 'right now'. Not ever or in a million years! What we need is value and an angle. Also, an observation: No future investors will touch us with a bargepole unless we are seen to have a loyal, supportive, and engaged fanbase. Sorry, guys, but protests, subversion, and militancy are massive turn-offs for a new investor and perhaps more importantly for the ones already on the Board.

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