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By Ray Hughes 23/04/2016  0 Comments  [Jump to last]
Written in advance of any outcome at Wembley this afternoon, I do so because irrespective of the result my mind is made up.

I've no wish to detract from the unequivocal, unqualified support the Blues will be afforded today. I've been, as a matter of record and much consternation and criticism from fellow fans, totally opposed to Martinez since the outset.

I'm not clairvoyant and my initial reservations were built upon watching Wigan who at times played like Brazil in attack... my previous mantra included 'like Hartlepool' in defence, sadly that's been overtaken by 'like Everton'.

It was glaringly obvious this guy had limitations and relegation cemented that opinion. Cup games are a lottery, so assessments based on such games are less reliable. Please somebody explain our Quarter-final display which bore little resemblance to approach, attitude and tactics applied ever in a Premier League match in the past two seasons by the same Boss and team (give or take, granted)... It is difficult to accredit Martinez with any kind of title frankly.

I've no wish to be like any other Club in the sense of chopping and changing and rushing to get rid. I found fault with Moyes, who has many limitations, but he was unarguably a safe pair of hands, dull as... but secure.

The recklessness of Martinez is nothing to be pleased with or proud of. It's further compounded by the pre- and post-match offerings to the media and, more importantly, US, the fans! That's the hardest pill to swallow, the absolute piffle this guy has the audacity to afford. It's embarrassing and frankly insulting.

It's difficult to assess the squad in reality; I'm inclined to agree with many fans and not a few pundits too that they are collectively impressive in terms of potential. They've failed to deliver, which is majorly down to Martinez – the anomaly being Lukaku as an item on the balance sheet.

He's delivered the goals in exchange for the fee, but pronouncements confirming his mercenary approach to what and where next are a real minus. His performance witnessed first hand at Crystal Palace should have confined him to the bench thereafter, a page ad in the Echo saying "I don't care anymore" could not have made it any clearer.

Martinez's reign has been exemplified by his inability to bite the bullet with any player's loss of form, Howard as the prime example... but there are a fair few more. Then he bigs the player up, causing astonishment and eventually annoyance amongst fans.

I want us to win today; I'd like us to win the Cup too, but I'm really concerned the inert one who still exerts massive influence at Board level, Kenwright, will see that as the perfect riposte and will inflict him upon us for what might prove to be a relegation battle next season. The last guy I'd want in a tight spot... Roberto Martinez.

I gather Bill Kenwright has been unwell, might explain the blind spot when scrutinising Martinez's CV three years ago! If he ducks this issue like he's done so many times with other issues (think ground development etc), then my nostalgia and affection for him are dead and buried.

No other Club would have allowed Martinez to continue; Wednesday wasn't the worst – it was preceded by so much crap previously that, however bad, it shouldn't have been happening because Martinez should have been already long gone. How he can be in charge today defies credulity...

Frankly, Farhad Moshiri's judgement has a giant question mark hanging over it now. He must feel he can't stand on Kenwright's toes just yet. Martinez, irrespective of the FA Cup goings on, has to go and that's a perfectly reasoned and reasonable assessment. COYB irrespective!

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