The People vs Roberto Martinez

By Matthew Barry 16/04/2016  0 Comments  [Jump to last]

Roberto Martinez stands accused of many crimes against the core values of the vast majority of Evertonians. He has made a shambles out of the last two seasons. He has exhausted all the good will and favour gained from his first season, alienated senior players, caused friction within his team and, most importantly, lost the faith and backing of the fan base.

From what started as such a promising relationship, has now become an inevitable parting, whether it be in shame or in glory.

For me it was the 2014 World Cup where it all seems to have started going wrong. After a creditable 5th place finish, Martinez lauded his squad and took all the adulation he could get, took the fanbase with him on this and many were happy to go with it. Off Roberto went to fulfill media commitments with ESPN and then oversaw a very poor, ill-planned preseason in which the players looked undercooked and unfit.

This would have serious repercussions throughout the season, especially the demoralising draw to Arsenal after being 2-0 up and the abject defending in the 3-6 defeat against Chelsea. These two games outlined the fact Martinez lacked a plan B and could not devise an in-game strategy to close a game out pragmatically. The rest, as we know, is history. We have continued on the same pattern since then.

Under Bill Kenwright, regardless of supporters' opinions, phone-ins, social media and banners, he would be safe. Now we have Moshiri on board. Regardless of if we win the FA Cup, I think all that is true under Kenwright will be the opposite under Moshiri.

He will want to make an impact, get the fanbase onside, have a man at the helm that he trusts and believes in. That the supporters can embrace and unite behind. I think in the background David Dein will be giving wise counsel and making sure Moshiri isn't misled or mis-represented in any way.

For Everton to move forward on and off the field, wholesale changes need to be made and we are 50% there. The people have spoken regarding the 50%, it is unanimous that he is no longer trusted or wanted. The danger of his continuation is there for all to see, apart from himself. The stubbornness and blind devotion to his theory and footballing principles have cost him one of English footballs most prized jobs.

The club may now be overly exposed to losing key players to the regression of the performances over these past two seasons. Thankfully, financially we are now in a position to withstand 'bigger clubs' advances. But we should not be in this situation and sadly there is only one person guilty of putting us in that situation.

Three years is a long time in football; clubs have fired managers with better records than Martinez for not meeting expectations. We are Everton, surely we must have high expectations, our history demands it. So, based on that first season, he has failed miserably and time is now up.

Roberto Martinez is guilty of criminally wasting two seasons, of stagnating the club's progress on the field, of turning our fortress of a stadium into a jolly for visiting teams and supporters, of alienating players with abject tactics and snail-paced turgid aimless football, and, most importantly, making this Everton very unlike my Everton.

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