Can't see the wood for the trees

By Jack Mason 24/03/2016  0 Comments  [Jump to last]

Who's to blame for this catastrophe? The dismal home record. The best squad in 30 years, apparently, not living up to expectations. Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, etc... and so forth and so forth. Martinez? Maybe. The players? They haven't consistently been performing to standards, especially the senior players, particularly our defenders, that they've set themselves in previous years. It's got to be Martinez then? Consider this... It's neither.

Martinez has been with us for nearly three seasons. First season: record Premier League points total, 5th place finish. Second season: league position, disappointing but a decent run in the Europa League. This season, two semi-finals and a damn good chance of going all the way. But looks like from the league standpoint, another season to forget.

What exactly was David Moyes's remit? I'll tell you what it was – don't get relegated and have a decent cup run. Tell me what he achieved that Roberto Martinez hasn't. Don't kid yourself, they have the same remit. Why should Martinez be held to a higher standard than previous managers have under our current/previous board? Have we forgotten that Moyes never won anything with the club, the dismal football, the "knife to a gunfight" and the rest?

Talk about forgetting, let's forget Moshiri just for a second. He's not on the board; Bill is still there and worryingly Elstone now is too for that matter. Let's look at currently what we know... Not what we hope for but what we know. I'll put this to you: Martinez is bang on target with expectations. Not the supporters' expectations but the board's expectations.

Leave Moshiri out of it; no-one knows what he thinks or what his plans are. What we do know about is Bill Kenwright. We've got to know him quite well. Why would you hire a man who just got his team relegated but at the same time, won the FA Cup? Seriously, ask yourself. Would you argue you hired him to challenge for the top 4, maybe win the league? On what evidence?Is there anything in his record that suggests that? No.

He was hired for one reason and one reason only. To win a cup. To bring some glory, create a legacy, not a lasting legacy because for that, you would need some acumen in consistently gaining points within a season. I'm talking about a fleeting, silverware blinding legacy. One that both the supporters and Bill Kenwright can bask in for years to come.

What I'm attempting to suggest to you all is that, if Roberto Martinez lifts the FA Cup in May, it will be mission accomplished. And if you want to blame anyone for Everton becoming a cup team, don't blame Roberto Martinez. He's a cup manager; blame the man who hired him – Bill Kenwright.

Back to Moshiri; with any luck that, is all going to change and the man will be ambitious, invest his "own" money and we'll start to, once again, reflect the club that history and tradition says we are. To do that, he might hire a new manager. Until that point happens, though, we're one match from a cup final.

Quit the bitchin' and get behind the team, at least while we're still in it; save the post mortem for the summer. Because I'll tell you something – if we do lift the cup in May, a lot of the discontent will quieten down pretty quickly and Martinez won't look so bad after all... or Bill Kenwright for that matter.

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