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By Max Levy 30/12/2015  0 Comments  [Jump to last]
Those of us with long memories of watching Everton – in my case over 40 years – remember when the club acted in a manner befitting its status. Big decisions made to maintain the club's status as one of the elite. That was when we had an expectation of challenging at the top, not just a vague sense that we had some potential to mix with the "heavyweights".

Forty eight hours after the Stoke calamity, I have never felt such anger after a game. Not in a "Clive Thomas" manner, where injustice has clearly been dealt upon us by incompetent external forces, but by the sheer arrogance allied to ineptitude displayed by Mr Martinez. Many other writers on this forum have described the various ills of his current team management – the team selection, tactics and in-game management. There is no need to repeat what we all know too well.

I am not at all astonished by the unanimous verdict amongst my non-EFC-supporting friends who say how much they like him and that Everton are merely unlucky. After all, a neutral watching a six- or seven-goal thriller with last-minute equalisers and winners stemming from free-flowing open play, cannot fail to enjoy themselves. When the same team are repeatedly in this situation, they become the neutral's favourite.

Immediately after the Watford opener I posted on ToffeeWeb that Martinez should be given five games to demonstrate that his mindset had changed. If that was not forthcoming he should be removed. Nothing that has happened since makes me believe that I was wrong. Of course, the board didn't act. Why would they? This is modern-day Everton after all. The big club that blatantly flouts its own motto and settles for second-best.

Unlike Mr Martinez I have been looking down the league table since the opening day, rather than up. I ask the board to consider the following: Mr Martinez has created another Wigan, the big difference being that we have a world-class striker. I challenge the board to accept that should we lose him to injury in the near future, we will be fighting the same relegation battle that Wigan were so familiar with.

I am not a pessimist. In fact I am an optimist. I see clearly the better future that awaits when we have installed a competent manager and a buyout is completed. The proviso being that we must not let this season disintegrate completely and then lose our top players – we all know their names – in the summer.

For this reason the board should act now and install a new manager with the right experience and know-how, before the battle is lost. We are not a lost cause yet. We have the soldiers but our General is incompetent. Waiting for a buyout before taking action is a dereliction of duty. A duty to ensure that the club strengthens from a position of strength, so that the younger generation can finally experience what we lucky ones know can be achieved.

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