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By Liam Reilly 06/08/2015  0 Comments  [Jump to last]
"Hope I die before I get old" Pete Townshend 1965.

I’m not old enough to remember when My Generation was written; but I have been fortunate to see The Who live and also had the privilege to witness the great Everton side of the 80s. It’s so sad about us but the truth is today’s Football Club is a poor substitute for what we once had.

We sing Grand Old Team but that song is over and the club is dying on its feet. We live on our history remembering our glory days and each summer we dream and discuss the new talent that’s coming in. A creative wizard perhaps in the middle to pin balls around; but it inevitably becomes another summertime blues.

Since the 80s there has been very little to shout about. 1 FA Cup win in 95 is a poor return for our once illustrious club that’s been battered into mediocrity by the cash cow that is the Premier league.

Call me Baba O’Reilly but today, we celebrate each occasional victory over our neighbours or one of the Sky favourites with a renewed optimism and vigour that the corner has finally been turned; only to fail miserably against a less favourable side in our next outing. I sometimes don’t even know myself why I bother but isn’t this groundhog day is far too familiar to all seasoned and younger Evertonians?

I can’t explain why I began supporting this club, but it was in an era where it could and would challenge for trophies. This is no longer possible without a huge outlay and even then not guaranteed. But take the model of the Manchester United team of two seasons ago. This was the first time in recent years that Everton were strong favourites to beat United at Goodison and true to form we dispatched them with ease. We then of course went and lost to the likes of Crystal Palace. That Everton side was superior to United’s, but they spent wisely and within one year they were back on the Magic Bus in the Champions League places. We stood still.

I often hear on this site that we’re not going to take it anymore and I’ve had enough too. I’m weary of watching our club die slowly by a thousand cuts until we inevitably fall into the abyss of the Championship. Which team will turn up on Saturday Dr Jekyll or Mr Hyde and at 5:15 (no doubt over a quick one), will we be joined together, elated for beating a newly promoted side or will we be talking about who’s next to replace RM at the helm.

The Sky money coming next year sparks a one off opportunity to build on a strong foundation of talent. Our kids are alright in Stones, Coleman, McCarthy, Barkley, Lukaku and so let’s see some action from the board. We need to add to this core build a side capable of one or two attempt at challenging the glass ceiling. One could argue that this approach would put the future of our (once) great club at risk; but is that not already happening just very very slowly and extremely painfully.

I’m no Happy Jack, but I’d rather live and die trying than just fade away but I’ll probably just get fooled again as this is one love that’ is for keeping.

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