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By Tony Davies 31/07/2015  0 Comments  [Jump to last]

At first, writing an article about him seemed redundant. You either know or you don’t.

The more you think about it, the more obvious it is. Duncan Ferguson is a legend.

He will never have as many Instagram, Twitter or Facebook followers as Cristiano Ronaldo. Actually, he may never have any.

He will never be as universally adored as Lionel Messi. In fact, the media-assisted protection from referees that the Barcelona forward receives is the polar opposite to what Dunc got.

What he has instead is the backing of a legion of Evertonians who he represented in battle on the pitch, with both the player and supporters accompanying his every goal with the pure emotion that we pride ourselves on to this day.

Dunc’s story has many of the elements that make a great film. Less than 48 hours before the game that would shape his career, he finds himself in a police cell after several nights on the lash. He goes on to score against his team’s arch-rivals to help secure a famous victory.

After early success and winning the FA Cup, an incident from the big man’s past comes back to haunt him as he is locked up for a more permanent stretch. He returns from behind bars as popular as ever, with Evertonians not only welcoming him back to Goodison but also present for his actual release from prison in Scotland.

The next big twist in the tale is one for which Dunc himself cannot be blamed. Sold to another club behind the back of the manager, the player ends up at Newcastle despite having an Everton crest tattooed on his arm.

Nearly two years go by for Evertonians without their hero, but eventually the club and the forward could remain apart no longer. Although he had passed a medical prior to his return, the thing that stood out more than any physical examination was an admission by Dunc: 'Everton’s in my blood'.

Many fans lament the lack of loyalty in modern football, but Dunc only ever wanted to play for Everton. Stating that 'when you play for Everton, you forget the rest' may not have gone down well with Dundee United, Rangers or Newcastle, yet the incredible bond between him and the club meant that these were just his honest feelings.

For most players, confronting two burglars in your home and 'restraining' one of them until the police arrive would be a defining incident and the thing that you were most remembered for. For Duncan Ferguson, it’s just an entertaining side story of a career filled with moments that make you proud he wore the blue shirt.

As a popular terrace chant of the 1980s suggested, Jesus Christ may have been an Evertonian.

When it comes to Duncan Ferguson, there is no doubt.

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