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Four Reasons Why Everton Fans Should be Excited

Patrick Gillen : 21/06/2016

A weekend in which Everton's name had been erased from the calendar turned out to be a game changer in the history of the club, with the Mersey Millionaires becoming the Mersey Billionaires and, to make the weekend even sweeter, Liverpool lost the League Cup Final on the Sunday.

My Dad would approve

Roy Johnstone : 20/06/2016

My dad was a lifelong fan who attended his first match in 1946. AJ, as he was called, attended regularly throughout the late forties (taking in the 1948 record attendance derby), the dire days of the fifties, up to the mid-1990s when his health started to deteriorate.

My Team for Next Season

Ben Hayes : 19/06/2016

The point of my article is actually about silly season so, if you aren’t interested in who I think we should buy as what’s the point until they are signed, then stop reading now.

Bobby's Business

Alasdair Mackay : 14/06/2016

Assessing Roberto Martinez's transfer record during his time as Everton manager and where Ronald Koeman will need to concentrate his focus in the short term.

From My Seat (at Real Sociedad)

Steve Hogan : 28/05/2016

The trip to Northern Spain was prompted by my birthday treat to myself, a journey I have being trying to make for the last 10 years if the truth be known, because I have heard so much about the Basque region and San Sebastian in particular.

“Nil Satis Nisi Secundus” – Only The Second Best Will Do?

Mike Green : 25/05/2016

Please, Mr Moshiri – no more “Nil Satis Nisi Secundus”, let's have a bit of “Nil Satis Nisi Optimum” moving forward and appoint the best new manager we can get.

Dixie Dean – ‘Never Passed, Never Bought a Round’

Neil  Adamson : 20/05/2016

Many years later, approaching his dotage, my grandfather could not be drawn on his footballing days. Dixie Dean, with whom he played alongside at Everton, is one of English football’s true legends. My grandfather summed him up in a single, biting appraisal: “He never passed to anyone and he never bought a round.”

The Case for a Director of Football

Nick Riddle : 19/05/2016

Who’s running the rest of the club from a footballing perspective? It’s not apparent from the club’s website or elsewhere, at least to me, but hopefully Everton has individuals still in place with departmental responsibility.

One version of the future...

Sam Hoare : 17/05/2016

If you're adverse to those highly speculative, theoretical (read: Championship Manager) type pieces, then look away now. Having given myself half-an-hour's procrastination time before I do some less important work, I thought I would lay out my vision of an Everton team to fill up the trophy cabinet over the next decade.

Playing squad needing more than a freshen up?

Matt Lavery : 12/05/2016

what do Everton FC need regarding their playing staff and how much "tinkering" is required from the new manager and new major shareholder?

Frank de Boer – A view from the Continent

Erik Dols : 12/05/2016

An in-depth fans-eye assessment of the former Dutch international star and departing Ajax manager who has emerged as a strong contender to replace Roberto Martinez at Everton.

What can we offer a new manager?

Kieran Fitzgerald : 10/05/2016

I would like you to imagine that Roberto Martinez gets the sack this afternoon. First thing tomorrow morning the Board meets to draw up it's list of managers that it would like to approach in order to replace Martinez. By the mid morning coffee break, they have come up with two lists.

What we can learn from Leicester’s chemistry lesson

Paul Derby : 04/05/2016

What Leicester and to an extent Spurs have proven is that there are no excuses. Yes, financial clout matters, but of greater significance is the ability to mould a group of players into a sum greater than their parts – the polar opposite of our desperate performances in recent times.

What the fans want to see in the team for the rest of the season

Gareth Clark : 04/05/2016

As a positive Everton fan, I'd like to see a lot of experimentation in the last few games – however as the manager is hoping to keep his job, I fear we might see the same old system.

An assessment of our 'greatest squad since the 80s'

Paul Olsen : 02/05/2016

Apart from the obvious conclusion that Roberto needs to leave, considering who should play a part in our future and who has nothing left to contribute with is an interesting one.


Steve Carr : 02/05/2016

No player is bigger than the club, no manager is bigger than the club, and no shareholder is bigger than the club. If you really are a 'true blue' with only the club's best interests at heart, then do what is best for the club, no-one else. #MartinezOut.

Hillsborough: An Outsider's Perspective

Richard Pike : 27/04/2016

A non-Scouse Evertonian's view on a tragedy that devastated the city of Liverpool and brought rival fans together in unprecedented fashion.

Mr Nice Guy, Please No More

Mark Finnegan : 27/04/2016

If Martinez is left in charge for our game against Bournemouth this weekend, then I dread to think how bad Goodison will be. For me that is him being hung out to dry. Unless the Club come out an back him wholeheartedly, or sack him, then next weekend is going to be a sticky situation.

Blue skies ahead – just need to look up

Denis Richardson : 26/04/2016

Lots of ifs and buts, but there is going to be a massive amount of change in the coming months whether we like it or not and most of it will surely be for the better. So let's make our feelings known re Martinez in the last few games to ensure he's gone and then enjoy what's to come.

A Missed Opportunity

Carl Rutherford : 24/04/2016

History looks set to repeat itself with Everton in danger of losing its best talent to clubs that are better able to give them success.

Neck on Block

Ray Hughes : 23/04/2016

No other Club would have allowed Martinez to continue; Wednesday wasn't the worst – it was preceded by so much crap previously that, however bad, it shouldn't have been happening because Martinez should have been already long gone. How he can be in charge today defies credulity...

The Lack of Passion

Andy Bacon : 18/04/2016

The teams of the 1990s and mid-2000s may have lacked quality but they didn't lack fight and spirit. What's happened to the passion at Everton under Roberto Martinez?

Me Arl Fella Said So...

John Daley : 17/04/2016

I've never known such apathy towards an impending derby. There's no anticipation, no alehouse natter. It's almost as though nobody is even arsed this time around... and I don't like it. The derby game is still important to me and I absolutely hate the fact we always roll over for them.

The People vs Roberto Martinez

Matthew Barry : 16/04/2016

Roberto Martinez stands accused of many crimes against the core values of the vast majority of Evertonians. He has made a shambles out of the last two seasons

Roberto and the Next Trophy

Mike Owen : 12/04/2016

We are one of just five clubs that can win the FA Cup next month. The outcome of the semi-finals and the final may be decided by the finest of margins. A team surrounded by, to use the words of a key player, "a lot of negativity" will have the smallest chance.

Choosing a Manager on More Than Hope and Faith

Robin Cannon : 12/04/2016

With some Evertonians already talking about the next manager as if it's a done deal, some thoughts on the hiring strategy for Roberto Martinez's potential successor.

What makes a good manager?

Tony Packwood : 10/04/2016

Certainly the ability to learn and adapt, traits that seem to be worryingly absent in Roberto Martinez. The manager is compounding that by not listening to his players which could be a prescription for things to only get worse.

Thoughts of an Anon Blue

Anon Blue : 01/04/2016

With the new ownership coming in to place I would like to see the Everton Manager being held to account for performance. There's nothing wrong of having a target of qualifying for the Champions League and then being held to account if this is not achieved!

Can't see the wood for the trees

Jack Mason : 24/03/2016

If Roberto Martinez lifts the FA Cup in May, it will be mission accomplished. And if you want to blame anyone for Everton becoming a cup team, don't blame Roberto Martinez. He's a cup manager; blame the man who hired him – Bill Kenwright.

Analysis for Change

Mike Fisher : 19/03/2016

We have the best squad of players for years, but a less than average team. Martinez cannot deliver at the highest level and his persistence with trying to out score the opposition is fundamentally flawed.

Possession Obsession

Adam McCulloch : 09/03/2016

Romelu Lukaku deserves to be on the end of crosses the likes of which Bayern delivered last night. Perhaps Martinez could adapt his philosophy to play to these strengths when passing our way through teams is ineffective. It could get the best out of this talented group of players.

Be vocal and take a stand

Jim Potter : 17/03/2016

Could and should a newly renovated Goodison Park or a new Everton stadium re-introduce standing areas for supporters?

'Go hard in both games'

Paul Traill : 16/03/2016

Paul Traill attended the Everton's exclusive unveiling of the new season ticket video, Nothing Will Be The Same at FACT Liverpool

Roberto Martinez

Gareth Humphreys : 10/03/2016

Making the case for the beleaguered Blues boss and what he is trying to achieve with the best Everton squad in a generation.

The Marriage Isn't Over... Yet

Paul Withe : 10/03/2016

If we win on Saturday, I’m prepared to forget the other stuff, at least for now. I’m prepared to push the other stuff under the carpet and deal with at a later date, if we can go all the way to Wembley and enjoy a day I’ve personally only experienced once in my time supporting Everton – a trophy


Adam McCulloch : 09/03/2016

The time has come for a substitution in the managerial sense. It’s fitting, because much of the ire from Saturday focussed on another poor showing on this front.

An open letter to Roberto

Brian Viner : 05/03/2016

Galled by a naive substitution in the home defeat to West Ham and troubled by his blaming of Romelu Lukaku's missed penalty for the resulting pendulum shift, the writer and lifelong Blue asks the manager to look into his soul to discover if he is a man of humility

Enough is enough

Chris Feeley : 16/02/16

Señor Martinez should have one way, and one way only, of saving his job. That is to win the FA Cup, pure and simple. The time has come to show that he can justify his position as manger of Everton football club, rather than live off the relative and undeserved acclaim that the position affords him.

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water...

Peter Carpenter : 14/02/2016

Just as we seemed poised to make a move up the table, the West Brom game happened. We had no Plan B. We did nothing different when it clearly wasn't working and our substitutions only made it worse.

The potential winners and losers of an Everton takeover

Chris Feeley : 07/02/2016

For months now, the rumours and conjecture have abounded of Everton finally securing outside investment into the club but with official information scarce in the public domain, there is increasing demand from supporters for the club to clarify whether this comes in the form of a takeover or simply an additional interest into an already convoluted and complicated ownership structure.

Roundheads and Cavaliers

Jim Keoghan : 02/02/2016

Was Bill Kenwright's hope of achieving success by replacing the more pragmatic David Moyes with the more buccaneering Roberto Martinez been in vain?

The times, they are a-changing

Fran Mitchell : 02/02/2016

Have we missed the boat? Was this season the golden opportunity, or was it the makings of a new footballing dawn? Will we return to the days of 'anyone can win it?'

Our defence: What to do?

Paul Derby : 01/02/2016

A take on why we can’t seem to get it right and what needs to change to get to grips with the problem.

Flak Jackets On

Phil Hoyle : 31/01/2016

As a 45-year-old man who has lived through the agony of supporting Everton but who has also seen what I believe was a world-beating side in the 80s I am actually in a fairly good place with my beloved Blues.

A Close Reading

Adam McCulloch : 29/01/2016

Taking a magnifying glass to Roberto Martinez's comments in the wake of the semi-final defeat to Manchester City and the lead up to the FA Cup tie at Carlisle

Roberto Martinez: Defence and Attack

Peter Needham : 29/01/2016

When it comes down to it, do we have to be balanced about Roberto Martinez? Yes, he has flaws, but don’t forget all he’s brought to the club as well.

Crossroads and What May Be!

Darren Lyons : 28/01/2016

More frustration and disappointment this season suggests that lessons are not being learned under Roberto Martinez.

Wigan... This is Wigan

Paul Derby : 28/01/2016

The ‘Wiganisation’ of Everton has been touched on in these pages before. It feels like death by a thousand cuts and it has probably damaged Martinez beyond repair in the eyes of many Blues.

Contradictions and Excuses

Graeme Harper : 28/01/2016

More and more, Roberto Martinez's public comments are being used against him as he struggles to fulfil his promise of building a winning team at Everton.

Martinez Twist or Stick?

Lee Evans : 28/01/2016

Making the case for what the Catalan is trying to achieve and that, in the absence of genuinely viable alternatives, giving him until Christmas to sort things out.

An open letter to Roberto Martinez

Neil Munnelly : 28/01/2016

A concerned fan asks what has happened to a team that finished fifth two seasons ago and yet now, superior in personnel, is languishing in the bottom half of the Premier League table.

Surely the pretence has to stop

Jim Hourigan : 25/01/2016

Patience with Roberto Martinez is running out and it's become clear that a fundamental change to his approach is needed if. If he won't bring it out, is it left to Bill Kenwright to make the tough decision to remove him?

Talking yourself out of a job

Rodger Armstrong : 25/01/2016

Roberto Martinez's rhetoric has gone from striking the right chord to borderline antagonistic in the eyes of some fans. Is he capable of delivering on the promise of his hugely talented squad, starting with success in the cup?

Just Mad

Peter Carpenter : 24/01/2016

Roberto Martinez has failed to progress. He is now dangerous, if we go another 10 league games with only one win, we will be in a relegation fight. It is now a season and a half of under-achieving and it should be so much better.

Sin miedo

Nick Armitage : 24/01/2016

Pulling no punches about the current Everton manager, described here as " distinctly average football manager" with the stats to back it up.

Martinez: Genius or Insane?

Russell Smith : 18/01/2016

Some say there is only a fine line that between genius and insanity. Which side of the line is Roberto on?

Is that seat Reserved?

John Dean : 17/01/2016

Despite being a club that prides itself on its inspiring history and its community standing, Everton's management don't seem to have the vision of the benefits that accrue from a thriving young fanbase following the Under-21s. Surely there are alternative venues for these matches than Haig Avenue, that better reflect Everton's status in the game?

It's the Hope that Kills You

Steve Hogan : 16/01/2016

How can a team keep continuously shooting itself in the foot when in such a commanding position, and how much is down to the naivety of the young players involved, and how much is due to the DNA of the manager?

Act Now Remember the Motto

Max Levy : 30/12/2015

The case for the board acting now to install a new manager with the right experience and know-how, "before the battle is lost".

Fancy Dans

Kieran  Kinsella : 29/12/2015

Is there too much style over substance at Everton under Roberto Martinez?

Balance and perspective or doom and gloom

Jim Hourigan : 29/12/2015

If we want to progress in the league, Roberto Martinez must learn how to win games from winning positions. Can he adapt or are we are doomed to more results like Stoke and the chances of winning a cup being down to the draw rather than performances?

Why Do I Do it?

Dave Lynch : 20/12/2015

"It's the hope that kills you. Why on God's green earth I keep putting myself through the torture of being an Evertonian I will never know."

My Christmas message to Roberto

Brian Porter : 20/12/2015

Peace on earth, goodwill to all men does not extend to gifting goals to the opposition. Please try to remember that as you make your team selections in the coming weeks.

Everton: The key difference between a family-run business and a PLC

Matthew Barry : 20/12/2015

Bill Kenwright runs our club like a family business — he needs to run it like a PLC. He needs to apply pressure to the manager in respect that we are underachieving, not meeting expectations.

Martinez's flawed concept of football?

Kelvin Leung : 15/12/2015

Currently our team is not a team that is able to "Bayern" / "Barcelona" our opponents, nor should it be expected to dominate/win games just by free-flowing attacking football alone. Without the basis of a solid defence, without players instructed and committed to carrying out the basics (closing down, set piece organisation, tracking back), attacking football is only a good as providing the occasional play-of-the-day goal, the odd 3-0 result, rather than a sustained run of wins and most importantly, points.

Everton Must Turn the Corner

Ian Maxwell : 12/12/2015

Everton are incapable of defending corners and crosses which is almost the sole reason to why they are dropping a criminal amount of points in recent weeks.

Match Preview: Norwich City v Everton

Patrick Gillen : 10/12/2015

This one won't be easy, it seldom is with Everton, but come on Blues, it's time now to turn potential into results.

Why December is a pivotal month in our season

Colin Wilkes : 06/12/2015

Can Everton take 11 points from their December fixtures (seven home, four away) that will put us in a strong position going into a busy January?

From Montreal Canadiens to Everton FC

Patrick Fennell : 23/11/2015

I enjoy most sports but being Canadian I’m a huge hockey fan. The Montreal Canadiens are my team win or lose and always will be. I’d like to thank Toffeeweb for running such a great site and thank those who post and comment on this site for teaching me about our club.

Howay The Lads...?

Jay Wood : 19/11/2015

When is top four really top four... or not?

The Fine Balance

Phil Roberts : 17/11/2015

How realistic is a fourth-place finish for Everton this season? Extrapolating out our form so far shows that the next 12 games are indeed going to be crucial and that the Blues are going to need a very strong return from those fixtures.

Martinez: More Questions Than Answers

Steve Hogan : 25/10/2015

I get the feeling we are sliding towards a comfortable mid-table finish, which means our better players will once again be courted by the offer of Champions League football. If you were a young inspiring player, wouldn't you be tempted?

Set pieces repeatedly expose the pitfalls of Howard's way

Gareth Cooper : 25/10/2015

"We are consistently conceding goals through defensive frailties linked to the lack of a strong goalkeping presence. My internal conflict is who is most to blame here Tim Howard, or Mr Martinez?"

The Everton Academy

Steve Ferns : 13/10/2015

The Everton Academy does not get the credit it deserves as making the best of what they have and producing decade after decade after decade.

A Game of Two Halves

Gareth Cooper : 30/09/2015

Why do Everton sometimes take so long to get going in matches? Is it a slight hangover from last season when we were often exposed at the back or a general trait of Roberto Martinez's sides?

Memories of Saturday, 20th May 1995

Andy Craven : 30/09/2015

Reminiscing that glorious day at the old Wembley when Everton ended Joe Royle's first season in charge by lifting the FA Cup for the fifth time.

The Lack of Patience

Jim Knightley : 29/09/2015

Arguing that criticism of Romelu Lukaku is perhaps indicative of a wider problem of impatience and a lack of perspective among supporters.

What's a good result?

Mike Allison : 25/09/2015

Whilst we all want to win every game, perhaps there is a place for a little perspective in analysing whether we are doing things wrong that need changing, or whether in fact we are on track and right to persist with things that seem to be working.

Memories of Saturday, 7 May 1994

Andy Craven : 25/09/2015

Not many Evertonians who were at Goodison Park on that fateful day in May 1994 will ever forget the changing fortunes that came so close to seeing Everton lose their place in the Premier League.

The Window

Mike Fisher : 28/08/2015

On the benefits of the window being open after the season has started, the John Stones saga and the hopes for one big signing before Tuesday's transfer deadline

What Is OUR Future?

Mike Wright : 26/08/2015

Without investment, we cannot survive in the Premier League. Before a ball was kicked this season, realistically we were looking at a top-half finish, with an outside chance of top six. This is not good enough.

An Alternative View

Mike Fisher : 19/08/2015

Is there no future? — you may ask. The key in my previous paragraph is 'right now'. Not ever or in a million years! What we need is value and an angle. Also, an observation: No future investors will touch us with a bargepole unless we are seen to have a loyal, supportive, and engaged fanbase. Sorry, guys, but protests, subversion, and militancy are massive turn-offs for a new investor and perhaps more importantly for the ones already on the Board.

Support the Reasons. Oppose the Methods

James Cadwaladr : 18/08/2015

The reason for this article is to ask what purpose are the protests serving? What good is it doing? I do not support the Board and I wish for a different regime as much as anyone but there has to be a better way than acting like a bunch of vigilantes running around throwing stones and shouting names. It all feels a bit childish and I have always felt that fans of Everton Football Club were a bit better than that.

Everton Past, Present and Future

Kevin Thompson : 18/08/2015

Many may regard Everton as a sleeping giant, once hailed as one of the big five along with Spurs, Arsenal, Man United and that other team across the park. Are we in danger of slipping into a coma and never waking up?

The Need for Caution in Protest

Ian Maxwell : 16/08/2015

On the need to balance vocal and visible criticism of the club so that it doesn't affect performances on the field.

A Change in Philosophy

Paul Traill : 13/08/2015

Wouldn't it be awesome if Everton had a go at teams for a change? Just go for it, Everton. Make it fun again.

When Dinosaurs Walked the Earth!

Dean Adams : 11/08/2015

Sky have reconfigured football's clock and that means great things are in store for Everton within just a couple of years!

Is Investment the Immediate Solution?

Ian Maxwell : 08/08/2015

Throwing cash at the squad, however bare it is, might not be the solution to the root cause of our issues. The squad does indeed need padding, but we must learn how to play effectively first.

Who Are You?

Liam Reilly : 06/08/2015

"I’m no Happy Jack, but I’d rather live and die trying than just fade away but I’ll probably just get fooled again as this is one love that’ is for keeping."

Where Is the Money, Bill?

Denis Richardson : 05/08/2015

With barely 3 days to go before the start of the season, Everton find themselves in the now usual position of approaching the big kick-off with essentially the same squad as the previous season, arguably weaker.

African Tales (and Fails)

Sam Day : 03/08/2015

Over the course of our proud history, Everton have had just 14 Africans on our books. Some became club legends, some gained unwanted infamy, and some (most actually!) were just downright useless. This is their story...

Where Do We Go From Here?

David Booth : 03/08/2015

Pre-season was an exercise in fitness and opportunity for Roberto Martinez's youngsters but much of last season's frustrations remain. How can Everton avoid a repeat of 2014-15?

Big Dunc

Tony Davies : 31/07/2015

As a popular terrace chant of the 1980s suggested, Jesus Christ may have been an Evertonian. When it comes to Duncan Ferguson, there is no doubt.

Duncan Ferguson interview

Paul Traill : 30/07/2015

Paul Traill attends a round-table interview with Duncan Ferguson ahead of his testimonial on Sunday when Everton will host Villarreal in the final pre-season friendly

Culture of Failure

Patrick Murphy : 28/07/2015

Obviously 14 years ago our current Chairman believed that Everton were falling behind their rivals, as he acknowledges from this article by Andy Hunter back in 2001. What has changed in the interim period?

Long and Winding Road

Ciaran Duff : 27/07/2015

The only (long-term) way forward is to develop your own youth and try to sign up young prospects. We know that Martinez is very keen on developing young players and has done so at previous clubs. So, maybe this is his real underlying strategy for getting us to "the next level".

A Culture of Failure

Steve Hogan : 25/07/2015

As the giant roof goes up on our neighbours' new main stand and further highlights the demise of our own football club, it's perhaps worth trying to catalogue the culture of failure on Everton's part when it comes to the stadium.

Reality Cheque

Jim Potter : 22/07/2015

What goes around comes around. (Perhaps it might come around again...) I used to think of us in terms of a sleeping giant. Comatose is now probably more accurate. Perhaps the footballing gods have written ‘Do not Resuscitate’ on the wall chart and we just can’t see it.

The Blue Union An Alternative Viewpoint

Paul Gregory : 09/07/2015

Making a case against The Blue Union who, in this author's eyes, have no clear blueprint or strategy as to how they will achieve any sort of positive change at Everton Football Club.

Summertime Blues 2004

Patrick Murphy : 05/07/2015

An in-depth look back at the events of the summer of 2004, which centred around boardroom ructions, a short-lived CEO appointment and the controversial sale of one Wayne Rooney.

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