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The Rumour Mill, Season 2011-12

Moyes now the focus of media mischief

11/06/2012 | Comments (53)
The Mirror continue their baseless speculation regarding Everton by claiming that David Moyes could walk this summer if Everton follow through with plans to sell his star players.

Though the Blues' financial situation remains tight, there have been no indications thus far that the Club is planning to sell any of its best players and sources remain insistent that there have been no inquiries for either Leighton Baines or Marouane Fellaini.

Original Source: The Mirror


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Paul Whittaker
250   Posted 11/06/2012 at 08:44:26

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Surely in the eyes of the club's leaders, enough is enough. We are the 7th best club in England and we are being treated in the media like a mid table Championship side with no hope of keeping any of our half decent players or manager. Either the chairman or the CEO has to come out and nip this in the bud with a strong statement ridiculing these inaccurate stories and stating what the clubs strategy is this summer with regards the managers position and our top players. This doesnt need to be 100% accurate but it does have to be strongly worded so everyone associated with the club can gain some sort of confidence that the people that actually matter are working this summer to drive the club forward. At the moment, the silence is deafening and must leave everyone (fans, current players, prospective players and the dreaded media) just wondering whether the club is facing a meltdown.
Eric Myles
251   Posted 11/06/2012 at 09:43:38

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^you mean just like they did with Rooney and the emphatic statement that he wouldn't be sold for £50 million?
Kevin Day
252   Posted 11/06/2012 at 09:58:55

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Thing is I wouldn't blame moyes one bit.
Chris Hockenhull
253   Posted 11/06/2012 at 09:59:04

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I was lucky to find myself in a nice situation somewhere just before the end of the season. I can assure everybody that our CEO stated to me and a few other fellow Blues 'I'm sorry but It's going to be 'sell to buy' again". Make what you want from such a statement but it doesn't make for confidence in the coming weeks does it??
Richard Dodd
259   Posted 11/06/2012 at 10:39:54

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Every club without a wealthy benefactor has to `sell to buy`, so why should Everton be any different? The practice is not necessarilly destructive as long as the manager can strengthen the team as a result of the sales.
Tony McNulty
261   Posted 11/06/2012 at 10:54:03

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Selling again in order to buy ?.

If you knew year on year, that you had to sell the family silver in order to survive, you would get hold of an income stream from somewhere. Even if it meant filling shelves in Sainsbury?s.

We have been in this situation for years, and certainly since the year Rooney was sold. It?s the apparent and repeated impotence in the face of the same problem that gets to me.

Is there really no-one out there in the business world interested in investing in or even just sponsoring a club with a great history, phenomenal potential, relatively successful (7th), and an enthusiastic (albeit opinionated ? we don?t specialise in shrinking violets) set of supporters?

Oh well. First rant of the Summer over. I have another rant about pundits, and one in particular, but I?ll keep my powder dry for the minute

Ray Said
264   Posted 11/06/2012 at 11:19:20

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He wont walk-what other club would be stupid enough pay him 3 mill a year? The Manchester clubs, Arsenal, Chelsea? Not a chance. He knows EFC is the only club to pay so well and allow him almost total control for a total return of zero trophies in 10 years.
Gavin Ramejkis
268   Posted 11/06/2012 at 11:53:26

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To add to Ray, there have been plenty of "big club" manager vacancies over the last ten years and not once in any of those years has any serious mention been made of Moyes beyond delusional other team fans. Other management jobs have leaked the shortlists and he hasn't ever appeared on any. A cushy no pressure job paying a fortune.
Gareth Fieldstead
270   Posted 11/06/2012 at 12:03:33

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I think the fact the club have not come out and denied the rumors speaks volumes. Personally I think it goes further than just sell to buy. My guess is that despite sales of players and the training ground last year we are still around 40 million in debt and the banks will want at least ten million again this summer. It's more a question of how much will Moyes get from the sales to reinvest. As for leaving as Gavin and Ray have already pointed out, we're else would pay him the salary he gets with absolutely no pressure other than keeping us in the Prem?
James Stewart
271   Posted 11/06/2012 at 12:09:26

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I'm not sure which jobs really count as "Big clubs" anymore. I think if the Spurs job comes up it will be interesting to see if he is considered now the RS have taken Rogers. Chelsea are run by idiots so it's not like they will make a clever appointment so Moyes is best out of that one. I think Moyes would love to succeed Fergie so will hang around til then. I just can't see Utd going for him though unless he achieves more.
Mike Elbey
272   Posted 11/06/2012 at 12:24:17

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Paul is 100% right.

We started with the Baines speculation, then onto Fellaini and now Moyes. This appears to be a systematic dismantling of Everton Football Club by the media and should be met with firm statement from the club. No comment from our board may as well just be a statement saying that we are selling Baines and Fellaini and the manager will not be re--newing his contract. Come on Kenwright stop hiding ....

Jeremy Benson
273   Posted 11/06/2012 at 12:32:29

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Why should the club come out and make a statement?

To give some of our supporters, who really should know better in believing stuff in the papers, a warm glow inside? Not all of us fans are so naive.

I'd prefer they were spending their time looking for funding and new players. Not knee-jerking to every rubbish journo story. If they did, they'd have to employ a couple of extra PR staff and there would be a press-release every 24 hours.

Everyone should just chill out, and wait and see what happens. Its a reality for most of the clubs in the premiership that money is tight, and that there wont be much movement until players are sold to generate funds for new purchases. Thats just the way life is, so why react to a story, when we should all be aware of the financial restraints around not only our club, but around the financial world generally?

Paul Gladwell
279   Posted 11/06/2012 at 13:11:21

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Jeremy, those same papers told us Lescott,Arteta,Pienaar and a good few others were going long before they did leave and you bet your life either Fellaini or Baines will be sold, so that is why fans are worried.
Jeremy Benson
280   Posted 11/06/2012 at 13:27:37

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So? Do you not expect players to be sold and move on? Is it a surprise to you?

It shouldn't be, as most clubs will have to, we have been doing so the last few years, and so this isn't really a story is it? So I can't fathom why people are jumping up and down and expecting the club to issue a statement or do something/anything about nothing. Breaking news : EFC may have to sell before they buy. Hold the back-pages...!

One of the responses above; "This appears to be a systematic dismantling of Everton Football Club by the media" is possibly the most melodramatic and laughable post I've ever read on TW.

By the time the new season starts, there will have been transfer rumours about every club in the premiership, and the vast majority of players. Its the same every year.

Jeremy Benson
281   Posted 11/06/2012 at 13:34:41

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And no doubt, out of the thousands, one or two of them will turn out to be correct.

Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

Kevin Tully
287   Posted 11/06/2012 at 14:00:51

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I can certainly see Fellaini moving if anyone is interested. His father is his agent, and he has mentioned Chelsea in the past.

Can you really blame any player wanting a move to a bigger club though ? If you were a decent player, and you knew you would probably end your career without any medals by staying at Everton - wouldn't you be tempted to move ?

Look at Lescott & Rooney, I can't see them regretting their transfers, or their bank balances !

Football is fooked unfortunately, wages & medals win you loyalty.

Paul Whittaker
291   Posted 11/06/2012 at 14:14:58

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I disagree Jeremy - at the moment the press are looking for space to fill. The boards silence is so deafening that it is basically giving them free scope to write what they want, as they know they wont get a peep out of Everton. Everytime you read a paper/story about Everton, it is negative stuff. So far this summer it's been - Moyes fed up, Baines leaving, Fellaini leaving, Jelavic leaving, Cahill leaving and not being able to afford to resign Pienaar. Which other club has been subjected to this amount of press negativity? Yes you cant comment against every 'news' article but there has now been 6 negative reports and I think it is fight back time as lies or not this is not good for the Everton 'brand'. Every business needs good PR. At the moment it just seems that Everton are lying down and allowing everyone to walk all over them. It's weak management. As an Everton fan, do I really want to read that Manchester United find our supposed valuation of Leighton Baines 'laughable'. This is classic PR tactics from a savvy, professional club trying to bully the club by manipulating the media.

It is inevitable that players will leave, but thats not the issue here, the issue is that the board should come out and respond to press reports when it ultimately can be damaging to the stature of the club. Whelan at Wigan is a good recent example. He really got up Liverpool's noses with his media play acting but it worked. Levy at Spurs tells people where to go if it is not in his clubs interests or matches his valuation. Our board gives the impression that the first question they ask is 'how much would you like to pay for him'?

Steve Smith
295   Posted 11/06/2012 at 15:06:08

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Paul #291
"Our board gives the impression that the first question they ask is 'how much would you like to pay for him'?"

No they don't, and to be fair, they've always played hard ball on player valuations, Lescott was excellent business, so too was Arteta, Rooney and Beckford to name a few.

We will have to sell to buy, it's no big secret considering the club have announced the fact on more than one occasion, it's a question of who we sell, and how much the manager gets from the sale to invest in the squad.

If people on here think Moyes would have to take a pay cut to go elsewhere, you're kidding yourselves, I reckon most of the clubs in the PL would give him a better contract than the one he's already on to get his services.

Dean Adams
297   Posted 11/06/2012 at 15:21:00

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All the paper talk shows me, is that the press fear us as the team to break up their "darling relationships". Just listen to old Harry giving it large in the media. Moyes was so much more balanced when he was in the same boat. Fuck the press, they are worthless shits who know nothing about football, loyalty or class. We have all in abundance and they just hate it.
Roberto Birquet
300   Posted 11/06/2012 at 12:14:24

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I can assure everybody that our CEO stated to me and a few other fellow Blues 'I'm sorry but It's going to be 'sell to buy' again.
I don't think anyone with an ounce of reality would be surprised by that. Not one bit. But that does not mean we'll be selling lots of palyers. We have had a sell to buy policy for years, and in that time the only significant players to have left are Lescott and Arteta.

Read what you want into it? Simples. I cannot see that score (two out in last three years) doubling in one summer. The two oft-quoted players (Baines and Fellaini) have three and four years on their contracts.

So if the situation is as you say it is: that means we will etiher sell no significant players or just one (and the latter to allow us to buy another striker). Just what I have expected all along.

Brian Waring
304   Posted 11/06/2012 at 16:51:53

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Steve, so you reckon Rooney was an 'Excellent' piece of business by the board, even though BK said he wouldn't be sold, not even for £50m?
Mark Riding
306   Posted 11/06/2012 at 17:06:34

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The Rooney sale was confusing for me. Didnt we get a bit up front and a load of 'If United win things, you will get so much.' sort of deal ?
Did we recieve any of this ? Or am I remembering incorrectly ?
Steve.. I do agree that Lescott was good business though..
Sam Hoare
308   Posted 11/06/2012 at 17:23:10

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up to 30m for an 18yr old and 24m for a good Left back/ centre back were both pretty good bits of business.

The trouble is that we're effectively just treading water when we keep selling our best players and trying to fin new ones untill we either get relegated or miraculously get into the champions league. The odds on the former will be much shorter I should think.

I very much doubt we will sell Baines and Fellaini this summer. One of them perhaps and I think i'd rather it was Leighton. Superb as he has been, if we could get 20m for him then I think that would be a pretty good deal. 6m for the bank and 14m for a replacement LB and another striker or winger.

Steve Smith
309   Posted 11/06/2012 at 17:48:18

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Brian #304 Absolutely, as I've said many times on here, the player and their agents decide if they want to stay or go, Rooney and Lescott were not for sale, but both of them went because their agents pushed for the move, both players put in written transfer requests, the only two things you can do then are let them rot in the reserves or, get the best possible price to flog them, I think the club did so on both occasions.
Mark Riding
310   Posted 11/06/2012 at 17:59:58

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Sam #308 - You say 'up to £30m for an 18 year old'.. what have we actually recieved in total for Rooney ?
I think its relevant, considering we maybe doing business with United again in the next few weeks ?
Will we get cash ? A bit of cash and some favourable terms on a few transfers from them ? Have we already had these favourable terms ?
I know a little transparancy is a lot to ask for in the shady world of football transfers..
Brian Waring
313   Posted 11/06/2012 at 18:11:26

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Steve, I know Rooney's agent played his part, but as Mark points outs, it was a bit of cash if Utd win this, and some cash if they win that, cash if Rooney does this/that etc. The deal was that confusing, there is probalby a lot of people still scratching their head as to what we eventually ended up with, wouldn't suprise me if the club were able to tell you what the final fee was!

For me, an excellent piece of business would have been the transfer fee in cash.

Sam, how did you get to "Up to £30m?"

Steve Smith
315   Posted 11/06/2012 at 18:22:47

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Well not really a bit of cash was it? the fee was £25.6M {paid £10M in Aug 2004 with the balance the following season} on top of that, extra money was involved for every trophy United won during the terms of his contract, plus 25% of any future profit if United sell him, I think his fee is still a world record for a teenager.
Barry Rathbone
317   Posted 11/06/2012 at 18:06:39

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Tilting at windmills blaming the press, player/manager transfer rumours are part and parcel every club has 'em it's our vulnerability that chills the bones.

4 unaccountable people wanting too much for the club is the root cause, AGMs banned, the monstrous situation were an employee becomes stronger as the club becomes weaker is laughable business practice.

There is a "con" of several years duration at EFC it's based upon the chairman being an evertonian and disguises the exploitation of the club unfortunately the very thing that identifies a fan - blind loyalty - makes them the "marks".

Note to the BU, concentrate the message on restoring AGMs - everything else will follow.

Steve Smith
319   Posted 11/06/2012 at 19:04:29

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Barry #317 Agree about your note to BU, definitely a better starting point than their current agenda imo.

Your point about employees becoming stronger as the club gets weaker is relevant at the majority of PL clubs I think.

Steve Burgess
320   Posted 11/06/2012 at 19:00:47

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Every club is a selling club. The Everton players who have moved on, who we would of liked to have stayed, have all (eventually) sought the move - Rooney, Lescott, Arteta and Pienaar. Not even SAF can hold on to his best players once they have decided they want to move (Ronaldo). If Fellaini or Baines decide they want to move chances are it will happen. We can't blame the club if this happens. However, we can expect them to get the best deal possible, stimulate a bidding war if possible and have plans for replacements in place. I think Moyes has consistently been given the executive decision on moves in and out and I'm sure nothing will change despite the shite in the press.
Roberto Birquet
321   Posted 11/06/2012 at 19:09:46

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Didnt we get a bit up front and a load of 'If United win things, you will get so much.' sort of deal ?
Did we recieve any of this ?
What, you did not notice Man U winning three league titles and the European Cup in the four years following Rooney's sale?

Yes, we got it all: £20 million plus add ons of: £3 million if he signed a new deal beyond three years at the club, and £4 million for league titles and Champions Legaue. We got the lot.
Not that that was a good deal. Unfortunately, 2004 was a lull in the market. Had we sold in 2002 or 2006, we'd have got more.

Andy Crooks
322   Posted 11/06/2012 at 19:03:05

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Kevin Tully, I see your point but, no I wouldn't be tempted to move. Had Rooney and Lescott stayed they might well have won medals with Everton. They went for money.

Now, I know I am seeing this from a fans point of view but what do you want from a career? For me, financial security for me and my family for life. Well, they could get that with any club in the premier league. Next , the chance to play for your country and win medals with your club.If Rooney and Lescott were at Everton they could have done that.

Finally, the opportunity to show that you are not part of the scum England team culture that , and by fuck they love it, sets them apart from the ordinary man in the street who through the turnstiles or by their Sky subscriptions pay their wages.

A footballer with intelligence, dignity and some kind of empathy with the poor sod who allows him to live like a king.

Peter Barry
323   Posted 11/06/2012 at 19:12:14

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Mmmm lets see I am an ambitious football player and someone from a successful team comes calling , what to do! , what to do!. Stay with Everton who don't have two pennies to rub together and have a Manager who is obsessed with playing defensively and is always telling me to TRACK BACK and thinks DRAWS are acceptable results and losing THREE times in one season to their most bitter enemies is OK. Well thats a no brainer then.
Tom Bowers
324   Posted 11/06/2012 at 19:16:04

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I don't believe the tabloid rumours but I feel certain that Moyes is feeling indispensable to Everton after all he hasn't really achieved anything in 10 long years and the club still backs him all the way. He knows he could name his own wages with some other clubs if push comes to shove and so he is in the driving seat,so to speak.
Personally I don't think Everton's top players will be sold before the season starts.
Brian Waring
325   Posted 11/06/2012 at 19:21:17

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Didn't we sign Phil Neville for £3.5m, just as the second installment of £10m was due from Man U?
Mark Riding
327   Posted 11/06/2012 at 19:26:53

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Brian, and probably Howard and Saha when other payments were due ? Maybe we were due a further payment just as we snapped up Gibson ?

Jamie Barlow
328   Posted 11/06/2012 at 19:29:33

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So we got decent players instead if the money.
Mark Riding
329   Posted 11/06/2012 at 19:33:32

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Jamie, I suppose my point is.. we / Everton ( the banks ) will want the money this time.. and wont get the sort of replacements as previously achieved.
And so what did we really get for Rooney from United still remains open to opinion ? - But I reckon it wasnt anywhere near what we all thought at the time..
Si Cooper
332   Posted 11/06/2012 at 19:54:20

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The fundamental question that needs to be answered is how long can we continue to sell off players and raise enough money to buy replacements of sufficient quality and in sufficient numbers? Post credit crunch, the incessant rise in transfer figures seemed to be halted for a while (apart from those initiated by a handful of very wealthy clubs) but they are creeping up again now.

So how much do we need to raise, how many players will be sold, how many will be bought or loaned, and is the intention to improve, stay the same, or even have a managed decline to a level we can sustain? If the Board know the answers to these questions can they let us all know without compromising the club's negotiating position?
Matt Traynor
335   Posted 11/06/2012 at 20:48:31

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Eric #251, Kenwright wasn't lying when he said he wouldn't sell Rooney for £50m. He didn't...
Bobby Mallon
340   Posted 11/06/2012 at 21:30:08

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Geremy Benson, why do we have to sell players? We have the best left back in the Prem and possibly the best midfielder in Fellaini and the way he linked with Jelavic... well, why break all that up?

Sell fucking Rodwell and a few other of the young 'uns to please the bank, and get those rich bastards on our board to put their hands in their deep pockets. I am sick of being the poor man of the Prem when we have 3 on the board with loads of money... billions ? they make me sick, the bastards.
Keith Glazzard
343   Posted 11/06/2012 at 22:49:13

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Matt - see above. A transfer request leaves nearly all clubs with very few options, and even the mega rich sell on.

Fellaini and Baines have consistently committed themselves to the club by extending their contracts. We can expect nothing more than this, as it boosts their selling price if.... And the if usually comes about by doubling the weekly wage - sod the medals and caps. Who knows, Bluebirds could change into Red Dragons overnight if money had anything to do with it.

None of us know if EFC has to sell anyone for any reason. We got Jelavic because Rangers were going into financial freefall. It might happen to us one day, then everyone including the Toffee Lady is up for sale. But as far as we know, it's only happened in a Barmby/Arteta situation.

Jay Harris
344   Posted 11/06/2012 at 23:42:02

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My concern is not the media it is the likes of Baines and Jagielka coming out with statements like "I am not surprised the big clubs are interested in him.He would be a great player in any side".

I just wonder if it is Everton causing the rumours to generate some interest.

As some posters have already said Everton could quite easily make a statement saying Baines and Fellaini are under contract and going nowhere.

The silence from the club is deafening.

Eric Myles
350   Posted 12/06/2012 at 01:59:49

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Gareth #270 "My guess is that despite sales of players and the training ground last year we are still around 40 million in debt and the banks will want at least ten million again this summer."

Ian Bennett in a recent analysis of the accounts said something like £32 million of debt is due in 1 year (this year). But I expect that is not solely from the banks and some of it can be rolled over into a new loan.

Eric Myles
353   Posted 12/06/2012 at 02:04:56

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Roberto #300 you reckon Rooney was insignificant then?
Eric Myles
354   Posted 12/06/2012 at 02:09:55

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Tom #324 "Personally I don't think Everton's top players will be sold before the season starts."

I reckon you're right 'cos going by our past history we sell them on the last day of the transfer window which is about 4 games into the season

Jason Heng
357   Posted 12/06/2012 at 02:16:43

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We've been selling to buy all this while, and nothing happen last season to change this. Key is to do the business early so that the team gets on with football before the season starts, not in December....
Mick Davies
363   Posted 12/06/2012 at 05:14:37

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The gutter press have declared almost all our players to move over the last 5 years or so, so they obviously have to be right sometime. I personally don't buy any so they don't bother me. Funny how they didn't know about Arteta though.
I expect players to leave and arrive every season: that's the way it's always been. It didn't do us any harm losing Lineker or Rooney, so a gangly head the ball who gets more cards than assists wouldn't be a great loss, as long as we make a profit. We have plenty of midfield players. As for Moyes, if no one has come in for him in ten years, even when he peaked with 4th place, then why now, when he has a huge contract here? The only player I really don't want us to lose is Jellyfish. A natural goalscorer is worth 5 Fellaini's and it doesn't matter how much is offered, it has to be turned down, or this club is going backwards
James Stewart
374   Posted 12/06/2012 at 09:52:16

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Regarding the above 24m for Lescott was good business and enabled us to rebuild.

27m for Rooney was not good business at all. He is the outstanding player of his generation and I think it was pretty obvious even at the time he was world class. We should have held out for more.

Dave Roberts
399   Posted 12/06/2012 at 12:01:42

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If you read what purports to be the verbatim interview for the Belgian magazine Fella doesn't appear to be saying anything other than what any player would say in those circumstances. What he said was basically.......

I'm an Everton player.

I'm happy at Everton.

I want to play in Europe.

We didn't qualify for Europe which is a shame.

If a CL club comes in for me and I have to go then I will go.

But I love Everton . I am an Everton player and I am happy at Everton.

And anyway I am on holiday at the moment....(so fuck off ?)

If, however, you read the various newspaper reports, they are all slanted by omission. The main thing that gets repeated is the 'if a CL club comes in for me etc....' bit. The Star's (yeah I know I said 'newspapers' but....) interpretation reads almost as if Fella is asking for a fucking transfer. The way the Telegraph puts it over gives the same impression but what none of them mention is the fact that he also states in the interview that as far as he is aware nobody has made any enquiries about him at all!

This is how journalism works, especially football journalism. If stories are not entirely made up (and many of them are) the lackies trawl the internet for snippets of news and then the hacks twist it to make it into a 'story'. Exactly the same thing happened with Heitinga a couple of years ago and the 'riding a bike to Barcelona' story.

It's bloody nonsense. When the club announce they have had an offer for Fella, Tom, Dick or Harry, that is the time to announce it and make a statement and not before.

Andrew Clare
402   Posted 12/06/2012 at 12:53:23

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I am sure all of the paper talk is speculation. Everton players are being spoken about everyday by the press because we have some of the best players in the league.
As fans we are not happy about this as we want the club to be successful.
If the club sets a price from the word go for a player then we know that if that player leaves we will be able to more than compensate for the loss as we did when Lescott left.
An astute manager will still do well regardless of the comings and goings of players.
Continental clubs are constantly operating like this but still qualifying for Europe every year.Look at the Italian and Spanish clubs- all of the sides outside the top two or three are forever prone to having their players poached from them.
Having said that it still grieves me that we are in this position as all of the other traditional big clubs still have money and have had investment. We are the only big club that hasn't had this.Remember we are the fourth most successful club in England and up until the mid '80's we were as big as anyone.
Total mis-management for years and still total mis-management now!
Mark Wilson
441   Posted 12/06/2012 at 16:59:33

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Sam 308#. Nooooooo ! Sam, if anyone must leave then it can't be Baines. He is our most creative player, even from left back. He's truly WORLD CLASS he really is. It's to his fault that England have two such left backs and frankly I think he's better than Cole going forward. We will not replace him with £6m or £16m and should Piennar return to an Everton side minus Baines we will have lost one of the top "partnerships" in Europe it just the Premiership if that wasn't enough....there must be a real possibility that with Yelavic looking like the best forward we have had for a very long time, goals will flow from the left and centre next season as Piennar or Baines look to cut inside more often.

Fellaini leaving would be a blow but he won't go for less than £20m and probably £22m or even £25m if there is a fight for his signature. I think this is the likely scenario in terms of transfers out, plus Cahill and Victor. I'd miss Fellani, a lot, but believe there is a chance of replacing him with, if not exactly like for like, then a different type of forward looking midfielder, possibly called Ross Barclay ?

All this could see £27m arrive and Moyes would be lucky to see £12m. He will need £4m for Piennar, and I suspect £2m for Naesmith from Rangers. I think I'd rather have the long needed right sided winger than another "top" striker and persuading Landon to move permanently would be brilliant but unlikely. So it's a bit up for grabs how Moyes might spend that £6m or so......we will I hope grab some Bosnans like Rodeagua and Fernandes and / or use the loan market. There is an alternative and that's to ensure Baines and Fellani stay and Jags goes, which would be the better squad option in my view but of course reduce the cash to around 17m and Miyes may only get enough to buy Piennar and Nasesmith.

It may sound daft but in terms of the wider thread here I think pretty much everyone is right !!! It IS amazing that some are apparently surprised that we have to sell to buy. It IS very frustrating that our "dignified silence" cannot be broken to at least reassure fans that the team is not about to be totally dismantled but then I'm not sure just how meaningful any statement can be until the decline has passed. It IS the case that wheeling and dealing is not necessarily the end of the EFC world as we know it, but it's all about degrease numbers leaving and what money Moyes gets to rebuild. And finally, it really IS utter nonsense to see just how absurd the media has become during transfer windows, made far worse by the explosion of social media use and the creation of endless fan led web sites which often insist on repeating the nonsense to fill the vacuum left by the wet summer days.

Mark Riding
444   Posted 12/06/2012 at 18:03:54

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Mark #441 - Naismith may well be free after todays news at Rangers. I think his contract was with the 'old' Rangers, he took the pay cut last season also.
Lets see how quick we move to find this out and get a player we apparantly want - again on the cheap ! ( not holding my breath )

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