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The Mail Bag

May 2011 Archive
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Should we be worried?

I've just seen the rumour that Gerrard Houllier is about to be leaving Aston Villa. With that post vacant it can't be too long before the rumours linking David Moyes with Villa start re-emerging.

Given the other story (all right then, rumour) that Moyes has been told he has to sell before he can buy, does anyone think he might be swayed by the chance to have some money to spend? Will Kenwright's continued inability to generate some meaningful investment finally get to Davey?

Rob Williamson     Posted 31/05/2011 at 15:55:32   Comments (107)

James Wallace!/jwallace38

jwallace38 James Wallace

Signing a new contract for everton today! #buzzing...then off on holiday 2moro can't wait!

Young reserve James Wallace is signing a new contract tomorrow... it's about time he breaks through to the first team isn't it? And with a new contract and him "buzzing" is it possible he will break through?

Andrew Fair     Posted 31/05/2011 at 11:44:05   Comments (28)


Now the season is over with Manchester Utd winning the league and Manchester City winning the FA Cup, initially I was pretty pleased that Liverpools record in Domestic football had been eclipsed. However, I find myself becoming increasingly bitter about the success coming the way of now both the Manchester clubs. At least previously City were nowhere, now it looks like the two Manchester clubs could dominate English football like Merseyside clubs did in the 80s.

As much as I have hated Liverpool for years and I will always despise Gerrard for his actions and attitude, I feel like it is now time for both clubs to put our differences aside and look to work together to put the two Merseyside clubs back where they belong at the pinnacle of English football.

The obvious way to do this, and I know it has surfaced and sank without trace many times before, is with a shared stadium, one that will eclipse Old Trafford or the City ground or any other league ground in Britain. I would like to see us get back to the days of Everton and Liverpool fans chanting "Merseyside" in FA Cup Finals and winning league titles year on year etc.

Previously, Evertonians have probably been slightly more sympathetic to the ground share idea than the Kopites but, with Liverpool slipping further and further behind the top four and with us now seeming to have hit a glass ceiling, maybe it is time to revisit this idea and really start to work together.

I know this will be unbearable to many Evertonians and Liverpudlians alike but we have a proud tradition of a strong empathy between the two clubs with support for Hillsborough, the Rhys Jones tragedy, etc although sadly this has fallen away over recent times. Surely it is time now to build together and re-establish Merseyside as the unquestionable pinnacle of English Football.

Jack Robinson     Posted 30/05/2011 at 16:16:45   Comments (56)

Ageing team

I was bored of my head, so started going through the player profiles on here for something to do. I obviously knew that we had some players who were getting on, but when put side-by-side, I couldn't believe how many we had, especially with these being players considered first team regulars.

Arteta 29, Osman 30, Hibbert 30, Howard 32, Cahill 32, Saha 33, Neville 34 Distin 34.

I couldn't believe that Jags will be 29 at the start of the season also.

It make you realise how important it is that the young lads coming through make the grade.

Brian Waring     Posted 30/05/2011 at 12:33:12   Comments (23)

Transfer Trash Talk #2

According to the News of the World and, Moyes is signing Jay Bothroyd on a free transfer after the striker was released by Cardiff following their failure to secure promotion. Jay Bothroyd played for England once during the last season and scored 20 goals for Cardiff. Apparently, Neil Lennon at Celtic wanted to sign him, but the 29-year old player wants to come to Everton.

I do not know how to react to this, but the more we sign those players, the higher are our chances that one will become a golden boot for us. I think it can be a good signing. Ba at West Ham and Odemwingie at West Brom were also unknown before they shone on the grand stage. Perhaps Jay Bothroyd will be along the same lines...

Sur Jo     Posted 29/05/2011 at 02:58:39   Comments (65)

Now that was a game!

Out-classed, out-played and out-gunned!!!... Who? Man Utd ? that's who!

Barca where out of this world tonight, for 85 mins of the game Man Utd were doing little more than chasing shadows and made to look 2nd Class on every inch of the the pitch!

At times, some of Man Utd's players looked little more than rabbits caught in the headlights of an on-coming lorry doing 90 mph... There was only ever going to be 1 winner and it was not the rabbit!

Simon Smith     Posted 28/05/2011 at 22:57:03   Comments (79)

Great Expectatons

What does Bill Kenwright hope for next season? The same again, I would suggest. He has survived another season and has seen his manager roundly applauded at the last match. Everton still in the premier league, best of the rest and the media endorsing the viewpoint of a loyal chairman supporting a loyal coach.

Frankly, I believe that Mr Kenwright will accept 7th for ever; so will many Evertonians. I believe that our expectations should be higher. Here's why:

  • David Moyes has demonstrated that he has the ability to set up a side capable of beating any side in the Premier League.
  • He has shown that he can produce a side capable of playing passing flowing football.
  • He has, unfortunately, shown that he is capable of producing a side bereft of ideas against the likes of West Brom.
  • Also he has shown that he can produce a side lacking in steel, edge and the ability to be dogs of war when required.
Our hand has been dealt and we have Kenwright and Moyes. Let's have a proper pre-season. Let us moderately and realistically strengthen the squad. Let us treat any team below 7th with contempt and football them off the pitch. Let us deal with the others as though it is a war. Let us treat the cup competitions as though it was the Champions League. Let us raise our expectations and let us fear no-one.
Andy Crooks     Posted 28/05/2011 at 00:39:08   Comments (27)

Young Everton midfielder one of Europe's 'top talents'

No it's not Jack Rodwell it is one for the future apparently.

Very interesting article on one John Lundstram:

I havent seen or heard much on him except for this article.

Anyone who follows the youth team got any opinion on him?

Jay Harris     Posted 27/05/2011 at 14:24:04   Comments (38)

Vaughan to Norwich

Just heard that we have agreed a fee of £2.5M with Norwich for James Vaughan.

Firstly I think we should wish the lad good luck in the Premier League next season and I hope he gets on a roll and scores a few, getting his career up and running properly.

Secondly, I think £2.5m is not a bad piece of business for him, he was never really going to get into the Everton team in recent seasons (well, last season not counting), so any funds for next season will be welcome.

Good Luck, JV!

Mark Griffiths     Posted 27/05/2011 at 13:42:11   Comments (65)

The curious case of Jack Rodwell

I know I am going to get shot down in flames for this one but I believe we have a real gem in Jack Rodwell. The problem is he is being coached out of his natural ability.

He is a central defender that happens to play in midfield for 'his development'. I personally believe his best position is as a box-to-box midfielder who can affect both ends of the pitch. The games he has been most effective in have allowed him this freedom.

However, he is constantly asked to hold & protect and this has led to him developing an annoying habit of passing sideways (ala Vinny Sideways of old).

Come on Davey.... allow him the freedom to flourish without fear of retribution. Only then will the real Jack Rodwell stand up!

Shaun Laycock     Posted 26/05/2011 at 20:45:26   Comments (63)

What's in a league place?

Have just seen that Man ure got just over £60M for winning the league with The Hammers picking up a lil' over £40M for comming bottom of the pile. This in turn worked out that every place the team finished higher was worth £0.75M.

Add on the TV money which is worth £0.425M per game with a minimum of 10 games per club up to a maximum of 26 and you start to see why as a team you need to be in the Premier League. And, just to rub salt into the wounds of those clubs we lost this year, the TV money is going up again for the next 3 years!!!

Simon Smith     Posted 26/05/2011 at 13:03:01   Comments (25)

The lower leagues vs The Champions League

With the Champions League final approaching, I can't help but remark at how little I care. Here in The States, Fox Soccer Channel is advertising the "epic final" and assuming that everyone will be enthralled. I'm a little fed up with all of it...

What I am excited about is the Football League play-off finals this weekend. That's right, I would much rather watch Torquay play Stevenage than watch Manchester United play Barcelona.

The difference, for me as a neutral, is the supporters. I'd estimate that at least 90% of Man Utd fans are frontrunners, gloryhunters, call it what you want, they're not what any of us would classify as "real fans." Same goes for Barca supporters.

Does anyone support Peterborough because they're good? No... in fact, they suck (relatively speaking). Anyone who supports such a club does so because they truly care about the club. Whether they are local to the area or their parents brought them up to support the club or whatever the case was, they are real fans and I am happy for them.

Am I the only one who feels this way?

For the older contributors, was there really a day when there was a level playing field? If so, I long for those days to return.

Pat Finegan     Posted 24/05/2011 at 19:56:44   Comments (45)

You practice what you're teached

My mate together with 20 other fans was lucky enough to win a days training with the first team at Man City as part of celebrating their FA Cup triumph. He got to meet and spend time with some of the first team, the manager and members of the coaching staff. They included:?

  • Roberto Mancini (Manager)
  • Massimo Marratti (Celebrated Italian goalkeeping coach)
  • Brian Kidd (Tactical, defensive coach)
  • David Platt (First team coach)
  • Atillio Lombardo (former Juventus superstar, now attacking technical coach)
  • Ivan Carminatti (Highly rated Italian fitness coach)

Now, whatever your opinion of the above, one thing for sure is they know how to play football.

Interesting that Man City has a very cultured back room staff. This is an area where we are lacking, we have a defensive manager and a very workman like coaching team.

Sure, Man City have money but coaching isn't about money ? it's about imposing your footballing ethos on your first team.

Rather than new signings this season, how about new technical/cultured coaching staff added to the backroom to give us a plan fucking B???

Daniel Johnson     Posted 24/05/2011 at 18:37:02   Comments (39)

Transfer Trash Talk #1

I just read an article in The Echo on the website that states Everton are in advanced talks to sign Michael Owen on a free.

If true, personally, I think this would be a great deal. He is quicker, less injury-prone, and (goals-to-game ratio) scores more than Saha, a quality Premier League player still capable of 15 goals a season, in on a free; also, he wouldn't have to move house, so a strong possibility.

The only worry for me is his wage demands. If we could get him on a pay-as-you-play deal and with Yak, Yobo and Vaughan off the wage bill, we could have the funds... Also, if there is any truth in Arteta to Seville for Navas, then that will take a lot of money from the wage bill, so it could be possible...

Fingers crossed for me but I doubt most of you will agree with me though.
Brett  Kemp     Posted 24/05/2011 at 15:12:34   Comments (62)

Champions League Play offs

I see an article on Sky Sports today says Richard Scudamore announcing that the Premier League have looked into the idea of the teams finishing 4th - 7th playing off for the 4th Champions League spot.

It seems from this that the majority of teams were in favour but the "big 4" vetoed it in another self-protectionist move.

Grant Smith     Posted 24/05/2011 at 14:36:37   Comments (44)

Seconds Out...

Interesting Stat on Football 365:,17033,8750_6947204,00.html

The second halves (post January) of Everton's last two seasons have reaped 71 points from 38 games.

Enough points to guarantee Champions League football.

Only Everton can do this. The club is truly an Enigma,
Liam Reilly     Posted 24/05/2011 at 09:08:14   Comments (8)

Everton on Twitter

No I am not going to talk about the "premiership footballer" (who?s name rhymes with "Lion Wigs") who has been involved with Big Brother lovely Imogen Thomas (mind you, "woof woof", "ding dong", "hubba hubba"). No, that would be boring and irrelevant. What I wanted to write about was Everton 1st teamers on Twitter. I?ve just started to use Twitter. And in an initial spurt of enthusiasm I found some of our Saturday heroes and started to "follow" them. I?ve reproduced below a small sample of some of their recent "tweets"

By the way, for the non-twitterati: - "@name" means you are talking to that person "RT" = re-tweet where you forward to all someone?s tweet to you (like a radio request really)

So, after that detailed lesson, read on: -

Thats me for today , phones dead, nevs banter average and fans first class. Thanks for ur support X

fizzer18 (Phil Neville)
@Tim_Cahill stop pestering me mate I'm on my hols-ur like a stalker!

@Tim_Cahill honestly ur top man the best everton player I've played with-great attitude determination and will to win have a great summer m8

louissaha08 Louis Saha
RT @elmtreeEFC: @louissaha08 give our travel club a RT mate.wherever everton do we 9 hours ago

Delighted we beat Chelsea & great 2 finish 7th - fantastic achievement 4 players, fans & club. Icing on cake 2 wear armband, proud day 4 me!

@fizzer18 Even Liverpool supporters wiLL miss ur bro @GNev2. Massive spirit in the game will be remembered as a passionnate Legend.

Was a terrific result and what can i say about becks goal. Speed desire n class finish. Thanx for support. Lets all make it better next year

Great victory today!! Good end of the season!! Big thanks to everyone for your support!!

Отличная победа сегодня!!Хороший конец сезона!!Всем спасибо за поддержку!!

Great result great performance typical everton spirit determination and togetherness!! Well done lads

What a Goalllllllllllllll. Beckforddddddddd.

louissaha08 louis saha
RT @Mathcourt20: @louissaha08 Top bloke was gutted when you left Man Utd! Can I get a RT for my sick brother who's having an operation 2moz?

@seamiecoleman23 great 1st season seamus-u just need to work on helping ur full back out more!!!

@seamiecoleman23 miss me at least it will give my back a breather from carrying u all season!

So what do all these random thought ejaculations tell us? Well, absolutely bugger all. However I would like to place the following interpretation on these, some say "insightful tweets", some might say "time wasting bollocks": -

? There appears to be a genuine warmth and affection between: -
o The players themselves,
o The players and the club,
o And for the fans (us) Even Bily shows this sensitive side!!! (That said, I don?t read Russian so that tweet could be the Russian translation or him saying to some Oligarch, "for the love of God get me out of this chicken shit organisation!")
? Louis is a bit of a cult (loads of requests for retweets)
? Pip is central to the general camaraderie

Of course I am sure you could (and probably will) place a negative spin on the above.

Personally, I?ve got nothing else to say on this matter, except I?m sorry to have wasted your time (a bit like Twitter really). Now, if someone could tweet me links to risqué photos of Imogen I would be very grateful. Thank you.

* Boy do I wish I had submitted this article one day earlier!
Alun Willis     Posted 23/05/2011 at 23:23:40   Comments (16)

Financing Everton

As a lifelong fan of our great club (55 years), I am very frustrated by the lack of potential investment in a club that has a long history, a great Manager and team but a board of directors who have failed many times in attracting finance to Everton FC.

I am also frustrated that we are always being the second club on Merseyside as far as success is concerned. That does not detract from the wonderful job David Moyes has done with one hand tied behind his back. Just think where we could be if we had some financial help.

We have supposedly tried attracting billionaires without success and the current directors are reluctant to part with their cash to help David; maybe these people do not believe in the potential our great club has.

This brings me to the main theme of this letter which is as follows:-

We are The People's Club with a worldwide fanbase ? Why do we not begin to help ourselves without outside people who do not understand the traditions of our great club? Why do we not set up a consortium of fans who will contribute whatever they can (small or large) to raise £50 million to give David to invest in our team?

This has not been done before but that should not stop us from trying; nothing ventured nothing gained. If we the lifeblood of the club cannot help ourselves then why should others? We want people who understand the club and what is required to move it forward... who better than the fans themselves?

It is a mammoth task but the rewards at the end are far greater and the satisfaction of being involved in helping the club has to be the greatest thing that True Fans can do for their club instead of standing on the sidelines while our club flounders.

I am more than happy to start this if there are like-minded fans out there to help.

Alan Pritchard     Posted 23/05/2011 at 10:40:19   Comments (28)

Thanks, ToffeeWeb!

As the end of season draws to a close and we sign off on another season in the top-flight I would like to say a huge Thank You to Michael, Lyndon, and all contributors who make this site what it is and one that I personally use as the first port of call regarding Everton.

To one and all, enjoy the Summer, let's hope there are not too many twists and turns, and roll on August... which, in the words of the great Brian Labone always heralded the start of a 'happy new year'.


Peter Laing     Posted 23/05/2011 at 14:50:15   Comments (21)

Birmingham or Us?

I just wonder, now the dust has settled, what people's thoughts are.

I understand that one of the most valid criticisms levelled at Moyes's tenure is that we haven't won a cup. Breaking into the Champions League would be a tremendous achievement (that has been attained once) but winning a cup in many ways should be nearer our reach. The likes of Portsmouth and Birmingham have managed it!

But, if you had to choose between our season and Birmingham's, which would you take?

I for one would choose ours. I don't fancy the Championship much.

Sam Hoare     Posted 23/05/2011 at 14:31:56   Comments (28)

What a way to relax!

I was quite relaxed about yesterday's game. While I'd rather we finished 7th than 8th, there really was very little on the game, so I was not my usual anxious, agitated self in the pub before the game or when I eventually took my seat. I was looking forward to, hopefully, a decent end-of-season game and a relaxed atmosphere and hopefully an end-of-season win.

However, after the first 15 minutes or so all that changed. Steam was blowing out of my ears and I could feel my pulse rising with my frustration. I am very accustomed to being frustrated with Everton, that comes with the territory these days unfortunately, but it wasn't us this time. I was frustrated and angered by a totally biased referee and a Chelsea gang of girls who quickly learned how to take advantage of it.

What was going on was frustrating enough, with a referee who was giving us nothing, giving Chelsea everything he could, ably assisted by Chelsea players throwing themselves to the ground every time they were challenged and getting free kicks for nothing. But what was most frustrating of all was knowing that fuck all would be done about it by the authorities afterwards.

Now, I have some sympathy with the 'Respect' agenda but my old dad once told me that respect should not be a result of who you are (in this case a referee) but rather as a result of what you do (ie, how you perform). When managers can be sent to the stands for kicking a plastic bottle and players booked for taking their shirt off, it rankles that there is no comeback in the public domain with respect to incompetent or biased referees.

I would have more respect for 'Respect' if referees were made to answer for their decisions and if necessary explain them. Referees should have to take part in post-match interviews with managers and the team captains and we could all imagine what Moyes and Neville would have asked Clattenberg for instance.

As for Walton I would like him to explain why he allowed that pansy Lampard to change his mind for him over the seriousness of Coleman's foul. Why he never gave Alex a second yellow for a blatant professional foul on Beckford and why he believed every time a Chelsea player threw himself to the ground it was a foul.

Until referees have to run the same gauntlet as do managers, players and (in some respects) supporters, I am afraid that I for one cannot lend my unconditional respect. At the end of each 90 minutes, I will know whether a referee deserves it. The worrying thing though is that players and managers are expected to provide this unconditional respect and at pains of punishment if they fail to do so while at the same time a referee can get away with murder. This is totally unbalanced and is putting the game at risk because referees are being indirectly rewarded for being incompetent, biased or both.

It simply isn't fair.

Dave  Roberts     Posted 23/05/2011 at 12:34:42   Comments (15)

Jose Baxter

Did anyone see the reserves derby? Dier and Bidwell looked good amongst others, but the star of the show was without doubt Jose Baxter, a superb display.

Maybe this prospect isn't going to disappear to the lower leagues just yet...
Ian Kearney     Posted 21/05/2011 at 08:33:23   Comments (18)

Sir Paul McCartney

The above local celeb is worth £495 million according to one of the questions on Million-Pound Drop.

Isn't it about time he made a charitable donation to a certain local charity in desperate need for some investment?

John Crook     Posted 20/05/2011 at 21:09:51   Comments (27)

Passion flying away like a Jags hoof

Excuse me for any errors, but I am writing just whats coming up in my head. I started supporting Everton in 07-08. I'm 15 now, and things have rapidly changed during the last 4 years. I never thought I would appreciate us playing in Europe the last couple of seasons more then ever at the moment. I took it as just our usual expectation, finishing 5th or 6th.

In the last couple of years, my passion has grown ridiculously for this club. Usually my routine was waking up at 7:30, reading Toffeeweb for half an hour in bed then getting up and ready for school. When I was 11, I got our home shirt for Christmas with my name on the back. It is the best present I have ever received. The games are usually on at midnight to 2am here in Australia, and I always get up. When the later games are on, I skip the start of school to watch us. But now I am starting to have a different view.

Let me just start off by saying this season has just REALLY pissed me off. It was definitely because I just expected too much. And let's face it, we all did. This was the season we all expected to finish in the top four. I was so optimistic I thought us and Chelsea would play it off this weekend and we would win the whole thing! But seriously, was it ever going to happen? Clubs were splashing the cash and our big summer signing was... Jermaine Beckford (no disrespect to him).

I'm sick of Moyes's negative approach to games. Starting off the season with 4-5-1, and your lone striker playing League One football the previous season is not going to win you the title. And why the fuck is Heitinga centre-mid? He has never played their in his life. HE PLAYED IN THE WORLD CUP FINAL AS A CENTRE BACK!!!

It was suggested on Toffeeweb that Coleman should play on the wing well before Moyes picked that up. Anichebe playing? Don't even get me started... As for Hibbert? I think Moyes is trying to balance the fullbacks so that they both push up and whip in crosses. Baines has the ability, but Hibbert hits the first man every time. He's a squad player at most.

And I don't understand why players like Sturridge or Ben Arfa (before his injury) were not even close to signing with us. Available on low wages for loan, I thought it was a disgrace. I really hope we sell Bily, Heitinga, Vaughan and the three Nigerians to get funds with someone with class like Parker or N'Zogbia. I think Arteta has lost his creative spark, and it is something we desperately need.

I just found out the game isn't on TV here this weekend, so either I will watch it on stream, or just sleep through it.

I could stay here and list everything about I hate about the club and how it's run, but I'll sum it up by saying I have lost passion for this club. I love the club, and would do anything to just give us £5mil pounds to spend, but this season has just been depressing. I am starting to just not care anymore. Does anybody else feel the same way?
Ryan Rosenberg     Posted 20/05/2011 at 11:32:21   Comments (41)

Distin to Spurs???

The Daily Mail are reporting that dodgy Harry is looking at Distin as Bassong is on his way out.

Distin is reaching old age now and I'm afraid this was his last season at his best; I would certainly look at trying to get a swap deal with Bassong as I believe he is a more than capable replacement with pace and athleticism. He is a good player on the ball and also at a young age for a centre-back ? definitely worth a possibility...
Karl Bentham     Posted 19/05/2011 at 22:28:14   Comments (42)

Everton's footballing style

As I find revising for exams in university very tedious, I thought analysing a topic of discussion in a lot of mailbag and articles, which is of course the way play Everton play their football, would be a good idea. The majority of Toffeewebbers have of course played Mr Moyes.

If we look at all the teams who play good football, how are they so successful? In my mind, there are five things:

1. A good defence ? we need a good foundation. That's why Blackpool are doing rubbish in the league, they play great stuff yet could get relegated.

2. Players with good passing and comfortable on the ball.

3. Players to make space ? Players need to be intelligent enough to outwit defenders and make space so they can receive the ball in enough time to pass to the next player.

4. Creativity ? We need creativity to create chances for strikers.

5. Good strikers ? Good enough strikers to actually score.

Now, Barcelona are good at all 5 points, and teams like Blackpool probably good at 2 or 3. That's the difference between success and failure with good passing football. What do Everton have? Well, I reckon 2, maybe 3 at best.

We clearly have a good defence, and that has been the benchmark for our success definitely. They perform a shambles at times, but are generally very good and consistent.

I also think we have good players with good passing skills. I could name Bily, Osman, Arteta, Fellaini, Rodwell etc all good passers and all comfortable on the ball.

But the problem is the other three. Strikers is an obvious one, speaks for itself how many goals we have scored this season.

Creativity I argued maybe one we do or do not have. An iffy one. We have Baines who is fantastic at crossing, we have Osman and Arteta who are good at creating chances. We maybe need one or two more quality additions to sort that out.

The space is a worrying one for me, and I think that is down to Moyes. He can surely integrate more pass-and-move training, focus on that, to create space which enables us to pass a lot better. Just look at Jags and Distin, when they hoof the ball, people ask why? Well, because we have no one to pass it to! Teams like Blackpool and Swansea are that comfortable to build from the back, and that is because the mid-fielders find space
Ben Jones     Posted 19/05/2011 at 14:48:33   Comments (16)

Moyes and Yakubugate

Did anyone read the extremely interesting article in today's Guardian about Avram Grant?

There were a number of quotes from a source close to Grant and, aside from the allegations that West Ham offered the manager's job to six people in January ? the interesting stuff was the transfer dealings of West Ham.

It alleges that West Ham offered Everton £6M for Yakubu and Moyes demanded £10M... A few months later Moyes then lets Yakubu go to Leicester for nothing on loan.

Moyes has shown himself to be a tactically inept buffoon but his credibility and position must be questioned if this is true and his judgment has cost the club £6M.

If he valued him at £10M then why let him leave for nothing and keep a goal-shy Anichebe?

I think Kenwright should be calling a taxi for Dithering Dave immediately.

Ian Edwards     Posted 18/05/2011 at 19:07:45   Comments (61)

True blue-Dave Jones next Everton manager?

Why dont we give ex-blue Davey Jones the chance to manage his home town club? He's done well at other clubs and imagine how well he could do at a club that he supports and played for.

Above all else, he will understand the supporters -- unlike Celtic supporter Moyes!
Paul Holmes     Posted 18/05/2011 at 09:31:19   Comments (63)

Jermaine Beckford

I probably risk being criticised on this site for saying the following (but that's nothing new): What has Beckford done wrong this season?

I'm not a big fan of Beckford's and he is certainly nowhere near the class of some of our ex-strikers like Sharp, Lineker, Latchford, Royle, etc etc, and he certainly has his limits. However, he has got pace which we severely lack in our team, and he also knows where the goal is. He also seems a physically fit lad and with those attributes he is surely better than Yakubu, Saha, Vaughan and Anichebe.

I honestly see Beckford as the best of a bad bunch of strikers that we have. He has played in a total of 37 games this season, his first season in the top league, but 21 of those appearances have been from the substitutes bench. Moyes has a reputation for making subs late in the game, so in a lot of those 21 sub appearances, he has probably only played about 15 or 10 mins at a time.

Beckford has only started in 16 games for Everton this season but scored a creditable 9 goals, better than one goal every two games he's started!

I don't see him as good enough as an all-round striker to play the lone man upfront, but certainly in a partnership, he is more than good enough to be a Premier League striker, especially for a club like Everton that have such poor attacking options and no money to spend.

I really think he has done well this season, despite not been given a fair enough go in the team. As mentioned, I feel he is our only striker that actually looks like scoring a goal and therefore the only striker that we should be looking at keeping rather than selling this summer and giving him a decent run of games next season in a 4-4-2 formation.
Let the criticism begin...
Matthew Lovekin     Posted 16/05/2011 at 17:23:10   Comments (74)

Fair Play or Unfair Play?

Just noticed this article on the BBC web site about Fulham looking likely to take the extra Europa League qualifying round spot with their high position in the Fair Play League;

How long has this stupid idea been going on for? It makes a mockery of teams who get stuck in each week who show commitment. If Liverpool get hold of this, then next week, if they fail to qualify, whats the betting they complain to UEFA and the rules get changed again to suit them!!

Fulham beware you have been warned! Or is it just us they shit on?
Antony Matthews     Posted 16/05/2011 at 11:02:37   Comments (27)

Steve Round Off?

Heard on TalkSport this morning that Steve "wally with the brolly" McClaren is the favourite for the West Ham job and, if so, Steve Round is lined up as his number 2. They worked together at Middlesbrough and I wondered what impact (if any) that would have on us?

I don't think he seems to bring a lot to the table and this may give us a chance to change things, get someone new in etc... Or would Moyes just play safe and employ Alan Irvine again?
Jamie Morgan     Posted 16/05/2011 at 10:55:25   Comments (34)

Telegraph ratings/strikers

Normally, those ratings that they gives for players are very bland; you normally get between 4 and 7 for just turning up and if you get a hat-trick you may score 9.

My eyes were drawn therefore to the Telegraph this morning where three of our players got a 3 ? Distin, Arteta and Anichebe. (Sorry, but this data does not seem to be online so you are just going to have to trust me.) I couldn't see a single player anywhere else getting a 3 so to have three of them tells quite a lot.

My main point, though, is about strikers. Given our lack of resources, it is a miracle actually that we will finish in the top half.

I would get rid of all our strikers and start again, contracts permitting... and it is a real shame about James Vaughan but it is not going to happen.

At Peterborough, there is a real livewire called Craig Mackail Smith; we could get him for £3m. I thought the DJ looked menacing for Blackpool too at the weekend.

I know we haven't got any money so I would fund it by selling the over-rated Rodwell. That should bring in £15m and off we go. I know Moyes will invest it wisely...
Jonathan Tasker     Posted 16/05/2011 at 08:32:36   Comments (21)

Break the bank... Charles N'Zogbia

I've thought this for a while, I thought it again when I saw him make Tim Howard look like an amateur the other week and again today when he scored two great goals v West Ham.

The boy has something we really lack - pace and skill.

The core of our team is strong but with the exception of Beckford and Coleman we lack pace and with those two they don't have nearly the experience that N'Zogbia does.

I can't see the next transfer window passing without us losing at least one high profile player (Rodwell/Baines) plus with income from presumed sales of Yak and Yobo, surely we can muster up the £10mil (approx) it would take to prize N'Zogbia away?

I just think he's class and it would make my summer a lot happier if I knew I would be watching him pull on a blue shirt and running out at Goodison next season!
Ben Hunt     Posted 16/05/2011 at 00:11:27   Comments (31)

Victor Anichebe

In all my years visiting this site I've never known a player to be as universally berated as much as Victor Anichebe. Now, I haven't seen enough games this season to judge him as accurately as most on this site but surely the stick he gets is well out of proportion in relation to the influence he has had on this ultimately disappointing season?

Yesterday, for example he made a fine turn and forced an excellent and slightly lucky save from the goalkeeper. It was inches from being a great goal and who knows, a career changing moment for him.

The problem yesterday was team selection. I believe we should have started with Vic and Beckford in front of a four man midfield with Neville at right back. Maybe giving Gueye a start. It seems to me that neither Anichebe or Beckford can cut it as lone strikers, what was to lose by starting them together.

Anyone who reads this site will know my views on David Moyes but surely he has seen something in training or believes something we are unaware of, that saw Vic offered that contract.
Andy Crooks     Posted 15/05/2011 at 23:35:01   Comments (36)

Is stability success?

I expect to see Arteta, Baines, Fellaini, Rodwell, Jagielka, and Moyes leave the club over the next 2 years. I'm sure these players and the manager are fed up with stability and know that the club has now come to a complete standstill and that no billionaire would consider changing our fortunes.

As time passes, our current stability will turn into decline not success and all problems will deepen... So what can Everton do? If we accept this situation we just carry on watching Man City and Chelsea win the things we used to win.

To compete with today's big clubs, Everton need their own state-of-the-art stadium. Do Everton have the finances or are they able to attract such finances on their own? No.

How can Everton be successful again? The only solution is to share an 80,000-seater with Liverpool. I don't know how it is going to be financed but it has to happen. The revenue from this stadium must out perform Man Utd and Arsenal. This is the only way Everton are going to attract a multi/billionaire owner. The same is true for Liverpool.

Gary Heywood     Posted 15/05/2011 at 13:14:27   Comments (30)

Jao Silva

In case you are wondering about what became of the Portuguese wonderkid; click on this.

If he can score against Benfica shouldn't he be pushing Anichebe & Beckford for a place in our starting line-up?
Mike Keating     Posted 15/05/2011 at 12:41:45   Comments (16)

Media blackout bollocks

I think the word bollocks sums it up. Allegedly Moyes is refusing to talk after the game because he's so incensed about the refereeing decisions? - including talking to the Official website!!! (inc. Everton TV!!!)

Someone needs to tell Moyes football is , at the end of the day, meant to be ENTERTAINMENT. This means catering to the punters who turn out, listen, watch or log on. Mind you his team selection today shows how highly he rates entertaining the punters.
Colin O'Keeffe     Posted 14/05/2011 at 22:03:55   Comments (34)

Top of the Pile ? CONGRATULATIONS!

If no one else is going to do it, I will.

Our Under-18s have just gone and done it... They've only just gone and done it!!!!

Everton Ubder-18s win the National FA Premier League Trophy

Get In!!!!!!

Well done lads - something for us to cheer.


Mike Green     Posted 13/05/2011 at 23:05:37   Comments (46)

Youth for the Last Two

Europe is out of reach and 7th place all but secure. With this is mind, and two games of very little impact left to play, I feel strongly that Moyes should take the opportunity to give the reserve and youth players minutes on the pitch.

Why play Arteta, Cahill etc we know what they are all about? So why not give Vellios, Gueye, Hope, Baxter, Bidwell, Mustafi, Forshaw and Duffy a good taste of first team football? Get Mucha on the pitch and see what he is about.

We will never know if a player is good enough at this level unless they play ? here is a perfect chance for these young lads to impress and give Moyes and us the opportunity to see if they have what it takes.

Si  Harwood     Posted 13/05/2011 at 12:33:30   Comments (23)

Ugly Duckling to a Swan

Can anyone explain what has happened to Leon Osman? This also-ran footballer that suffered at the hands of TW, a favourite of Moyes yet not favoured by the supporters. The injuries to Fellaini, Arteta, Saha, Cahill and Rodwell with the departure of Pienaar, the team was too close to the relegation zone for comfort. It was a worrying times for Evertonians. The midfield ripped apart, no strikers, no hope.

Now, like a scene from Braveheart, out of the gloom came this little dynamo to transform the side's form. It?s as though the quiet man at the karaoke bar, too shy to sing so lets others have a go, has grabbed the mike and belted out hit after hit to rapturous applause.

When the stars come back, Leon can rightly stand head and shoulders above them and proudly demand that their standards reach his.

As Kipling could say (in a fashion) to our up-and-coming Blue boys:

If you can fill the unforgiving minute
With sixty seconds' worth of distance run,
Yours is the Earth and everything that's in it,
And ? which is more ? you'll be an Osman my son!

David Price     Posted 12/05/2011 at 22:54:05   Comments (47)

The only way forward

The Kenwright debate will run on for as long as he is in charge. Fans state we are better off in his control than some big investor that only wants to use us as a plaything; others suggest we need to sell to progress... I believe in the latter and I have two points to put across to fans on the way I believe we can take Everton forward.

1. Firstly, if Bill Kenwright really wants to sell the club, why doesn't he put it on the market for £1, like other clubs have done in the past? Sell the club for a quid and the new owner buys the debt, say £70-80 million, then the new owners could look to update the stadium in stages while giving the manager serious funds to compete at the top level. Of course, the downside to this is that Kenwright and Co won't receive a big payoff.

2. The stadium issue, now if the club wants to raise funds, why not sell us fans the bricks? One brick could cost £100... for your £100 you will have your name and date of birth etched into the brick. Therefore, you will become a part of the future history of the club that we all love. I for one would buy one.

What do Evertonians think of these ideas?
Sean McKenna     Posted 12/05/2011 at 12:03:44   Comments (54)

That's It ? I'm Done

Everton have really pissed me off even more so this season after so much was expected last Summer. I listened the other day to a RedShite player extolling the virtues the new coach Steve Clark. How he had really zipped up training and that they were moving the ball with more pace etc etc... What do our coaching staff do? Our Play is slow, predictable and never seems to go forward.

I am getting to the stage where I really don't give a fiddlers fuck anymore. You know what, I also could't care less about wether Billy Liar stays or goes. If the masses carry on supporting him then so what? I have decided that Everton will not get any more money from me until he is gone.

So My grandson will get a Barca Kit or a Brazil kit. No more Everton Pajamas or School pen sets. "Renew a season ticket" ? you must be fucking joking! Bill, I surrender ? have your train set; I will go and play with something else.

Saints are building a new stadium 15 minutes from me... maybe I'll start to go there. Just given my seats away for the Chelsea game, I will be off to play golf. I really just don't give a damn anymore.
Steve Sweeney     Posted 11/05/2011 at 16:05:32   Comments (70)

Yakety Yak

I've got a little bit of gossip for you.

I work in film and TV and a mate of mine was just telling me that he interviewed Sven Goran Eriksson yesterday...

During the interview, he mentioned that he was going for dinner with David Moyes afterwards. When they were finished, he said he had to rush as he was off to sign a player.

So either the Yak is off or Sven has put in a bid for Fellaini, Rodwell, Baines and Arteta.

Ste Blundell     Posted 10/05/2011 at 23:35:13   Comments (24)

Dogs of War Again?

Great team spirit ? something that money can't buy... well, well if that?s all we can do against the bigger boys then I?ve had enough. I want to watch Everton play football, get quality balls into the box, have quality forwards turn ¼-chances into goals, exite us by dominating teams with quality football.

I know we are about £50M short to get what I want, but frankly I don?t want us to go back to the ?Dogs of War? game we played back in the 90s. This type of football ? with its huge workrate, determination, focus, high energy ? isn?t sustainable over any length of time and is a million miles away from the type of football required at the highest levels of the game... and it doesn?t stand a chance of succeeding against the best Europe has to offer.

Moyes seems to take great delight when we physically destroy a team, not by thuggery but by sheer effort, followed by inevitably the long punt or obtaining a set piece. I know teams like Barcelona harry and chase but, when they get the ball, they retain it and play good football on the deck.

The dilemma as I see it, besides Moyes?s love for it, is the crowd?s love of it. Goodison has been like a morgue this season but, on the number of occasions we revert to ?Dogs of War?, the crowd goes ballistic, noisy, supportive ? What is it!?! I mean, even I felt on top of the world at 5pm on Saturday and I?ve had numerous texts from mates who support other teams, stating that we were great, we threw it up them, etc etc... but it's still not want I want from Everton.

Maybe it's just me; even though we lost, the game against Villa at their place way back in August was absolutely fantastic. We played them off the park with great controlled football, creating numerous chances, and we actually got the plaudits our game deserved from the press and TV boys ? if only we had a 20-goal-a-season forward.
Mike Oates     Posted 10/05/2011 at 23:02:29   Comments (25)

In Spite of or Because of...?

It looks very much as though Everton will finish the season just one place behind what Sky termed, this morning, as their "Super Six". Given that most of their focus ? and that of the journos who appear on their Sunday Supplement ? is on Man Utd, Chelsea, Arsenal, Man City, Spurs and Liverpool, I suppose to them it's an appropriate description... so it would be too much to hope that we could be included in a Magnificent Seven!

Be that as it may, I do think that David Moyes has done a magnificent job to ensure that we've seen off those other pretenders to the elite, Aston Villa, to proclaim Everton as "the best of the rest". Because of this, discussion amongst Goodison regulars in the Freshie has focussed this week on whether our manager's excellent record is BECAUSE of the backing he receives from Chairman Bill Kenwright or IN SPITE of it!

Personally, I believe that Bill Kenwright's 'non-interventionist' policy and his decision to lock in his manager with a most generous long-term contract is the factor that has seen our club more than hold its own over the last nine seasons. However, the contrary view is that the constraints endemic in 'local boy' ownership have required Moyes to be a genius to keep us in contention.

I have to admit that my view is in the minority as so many Evertonians would readily swop Kenwright for Ghadaffi given the chance but you can't conclude much from a poll of six... so how do ToffeeWebbers vote on this issue?
Richard Dodd     Posted 10/05/2011 at 20:11:47   Comments (31)

Playing With The Big Boys

One of the most frustrating aspects of this oh-so-frustrating season has been our seeming inability to overcome the weaker teams in the Premier League. A few more wins against the West Broms, Wigans and Birmighams of this world would have seen us competing for real prizes now instead of settling for a respectable 7th place.

But the good news is that we seem to have solved the problem which plagued us for years - i.e., how to take points of the so-called bigger teams. We may only be 7th in the league but if the league just consisted of the top seven teams we would currently be sitting in 3rd place. This is how the table would look:

	         P	W	D	L	F	 A	 GD	Pts
Man Utd	    	12	6	3	3	20	 9	+11	21
Arsenal	    	12	5	4	3	18	14	 +4	19
Everton	    	11	4	4	3	17	15	 +2	16
Liverpool   	11	4	3	4	16	15	 +1	15
Chelsea     	11	4	2	5	12	13	 -1	14
Spurs	    	10	2	5	3	12	14	 -2	11
Man City	11	2	3	6	 7	14	 -7	 9

Dave Annal     Posted 10/05/2011 at 18:01:56   Comments (12)

Return of Vaughan & Yakubu?

Over the last 10 games there has been only 2 goals from the strikers at Everton. Beckford got one against Wolves and I think Saha got one somewhere before getting injured.

Amazingly the team has enjoyed good form over those last 10 games largely due to other players (Osman, Baines) chipping in with goals.Moyes has been unable to do anything about the striker problem with only Beckford and Anichebe available.

But, with the Championship season now done and dusted, both Yakubu and James Vaughan find their loan spells at Leicester and Crystal Palace over. So they should now be available for Everton again... right?

Don't get me wrong; I am not championing either player. Yakubu has no heart for Everton and Vaughan has struggled for goals in the Championship. I firmly believe that both players should be sold in the summer.

But in the last two games of the season against West Brom and Chelsea, should David Moyes use Yakubu and Vaughan? Beckford and Anichebe are struggling. And it's nice to have four strikers available again... even if only for a couple of games.

Dick Anderson     Posted 10/05/2011 at 17:29:18   Comments (13)

Getting Our Name Out

As a season ticket holder from Northern Ireland, I find myself bemused each time I travel to Liverpool Airport at the lack of our name about the place. It has been brought up on here before about the lack of nous from our club promoting us etc, but I find it quite alarming that at our own airport we are not mentioned at all.

Outside the main building, the Red Shite have a huge poster board up advertising stadium tours and ticket prices etc, and inside have many merchandise on sale.

They may well have more supporters than us around the world but in Northern Ireland, Everton have the biggest single membership in a supporters club than any other side in England. It may not be such a big deal to some but for me it's our city as much as theirs, and if we can't even promote our name properly in the city, and in an airport were thousands of tourists etc come through each week, then the club is as badly run as I feared.
Stephen Leary     Posted 10/05/2011 at 14:12:37   Comments (16)

The Collapse of Another 'Free' Development

I just wanted to gauge people's opinion on the so-called 'free' development poutside the Park End, and its subsequent collapse. It's another failed promise and mis-management from the club, to go with NTL, FSF, Kings Dock, Kirkby etc...

I wonder when Robert Elstone will get wheeled out to tell us it's just moving offices, it's just a few legal issues... or when the club will actually come out and admit it's fallen through? This also means that the proposed new car park on Spellow Lane will not happen, the club can't redevelop the corporate boxes, and they will have to keep paying Agent Johnson for use of Everton One.

How many more times are we going to allow this to happen to OUR CLUB?

Martin  Graves     Posted 10/05/2011 at 14:40:22   Comments (42)

Hope and the Future

Just thought with all the doom and gloom from some Everton fans there looks like we may have a ray of hope with our youth set-up. Hallam Hope and John Lundstram are performing well with the England Under-17s... Ross Barkley [not 'Barclay', that's the Bank] the supposed next big star and yet our youth team reach the Youth Cup Final without any of them... so surely the future looks bright.

Having watched a couple of the England Under-17s games, there is a real prospect of Hope and Lundstram going the whole way... so, with Barkley as well there's 3 lads should wear the Blue. Now I've only seen Bidwell against Bate Borisov in Europa but I thought he looks useful so can anyone tell me are there other lads you think could make it from our youth set-up? And do you think we have a bright future? I'm always the optimist for Everton as long as they give a 100%.
Tony Cornmell     Posted 10/05/2011 at 03:30:47   Comments (27)

Osman ? the Merseyside Iniesta

It is time for the Osman-doubters (a sub-section of Evertonians whose membership is largely the same as the Hibbo-haters) to admit they got it wrong. Leon Osman has developed into a class player, well worth his place in the team. In the second half of this season, he has probably been our best player.

His strengths are his control, first touch, ability to keep the ball in congested areas and a little bit of a shimmy when he starts dribbling to create himself a bit of space. Attributes he shares with Barcelona's Andres Iniesta.

Of course comparisons between the two are unfair ? on Ossie. If he played for Barca, every time he got knocked over, he'd get a free kick and be seen as a protected species, have it much easier, and be able to show a lot more of what he's got. But playing for Everton, he can't buy a free-kick when big midfield bruisers from Stoke and Blackburn sit him on his arse. If he got the same treatment as Iniesta, Everton would finish against 10 men every week.

And that header on Saturday, beating a bloke a foot taller than himself to the ball through superior skill and judgement, was not unlike Messi making fools of Ferdinand and Vidic in the 09 Champions League final.

At the beginning of this season I thought we had moved on past Osman and Hibbo but this year they have proved their worth in the Premier League. We all hope for a stronger squad but these two have earned their place in it.

Let's face it, Osman and Hibbert are emblematic of Everton. They aren't flash. They battle. They're probably too honest for their own good. They love football and they turn up every week and give it all. OK, back to work.
Dan Murphy     Posted 10/05/2011 at 02:05:01   Comments (42)

Is our season over yet?

That win against City has (hopelessly and unfortunately) got me thinking we could pull off another top-six finish if we win our last two, which is of course, easier said than done... but the Kopites' and the Spuds' fixtures are tough and they also have to play each other.

So, however unlikely it may be, the lads still need to be trying their hardest to win the last two games -- both against teams that have nothing riding on the games any longer. We've got seventh in the bag, even if we lose the last two, so an all-out attacking mindset would be nice and the reward could be a second finish over the Reds in the Premier League era. That home game against Chelsea could yet be a big one.
Ian Tod     Posted 09/05/2011 at 16:30:45   Comments (41)

Manuel Fernandes

Manuel Fernandes the type of player we have been missing from our squad for the last couple of years. All the successful Premier League teams have one of these players: a player that can pick out a great pass from nowhere; take players on with skill, strength and pace; score from nothing; purely boss the midfield; and make an impact when all hopes are down. This kind of box-to-box midfielder is our solution to the Gerrards and Fletchers of this world.

When you look at the top 6, every team has this type of player. In the summer, if we could get Parker or Adam, that would be great but sadly we don't have the money or persuasions to do so, with no Europe or money to challenge the top four... but a player certainly in our reach is Fernandes. His two spells at the club brought something different that I haven't seen for a long time.

He has had a torrid time at Valencia, apart from one season, 08-09, when he was outstanding, apparently... but for some reason couldn't get into the team. I think the good form of Banega was keeping him out but he subsequently can't get a game now either so he would be a great shout if possible. But Fernandes is certainly available and for the rumoured region of around £3 million as Valencia can't wait to get rid of him.

He went to Besiktas on loan ? for God's sake, we should've got him considering Arteta's poor form... but I believe that Moyes still has bad blood with him from when he went to Valencia instead of joining us. But Moyes should see what a great Everton player in the making he could be... With him and Fellaini in midfield, we could be unstoppable ? and still at the age of 24/25 he is definitely worth the bargain.

So, if we could sign Fernandes or Parker and get some frees in to help support the squad, we could also look at some quality Championship players, such as Gradale, King, Long, Eagles, Rodriguez and maybe Gary Hooper from Celtic, who looks very decent for a 20-year-old. We could give the Premier League a real go next season.

Obviously we would fund the new players with the sales of existing players: Bily (£6M); Yak (£4M)... maybe swap with King; Vaughan (£1M); Yobo (£2M)... maybe Heitinga (£6M) with Upson replacing him as he is on a Bosman in the summer. We could get cheap players who could really help us next season, along with Bosman transfers like Larson, Owen, Elmander, Gilks, Reo-Coker, Obinna, David Vaughan, Jonas Olson ? all good squad players on free transfers.

We could have a good team of:

Neville (big games; Coleman for the rest of games)
Long or Hooper

Bench: Gilks, Upson, King, Beckford, Cahill, Gueye/ Arteta

That is a very strong squad and, with Everton being so injury-prone a lot of the time, we can afford a big squad of quality players as they will get games. The future is looking bright for the blues if Moyes can get signings in as early as possible.
Joe  Burrowes     Posted 09/05/2011 at 08:37:14   Comments (57)

The Curious Incident of the Boos & the Applause

Yesterday at Goodison Park, we witnessed the return of two former Everton Players ? both with very different playing records at Goodison but both departed under a cloud; however, one was more public than the other.

Joleon Lescott came from Wolves for a fee of circa £5m and slotted in straight away in defence ? flitting between Left Back and Centre Back and being equally adept at both. So much so that, in his first season here, current flavour of the month, Leighton Baines, was sat on the bench for most of it as David Moyes felt he could not drop any of Jagielka, Yobo or Lescott ? and in my opinion rightly so.

Things moved on and the one constant in the team was Joleon Lescott, pretty much ever-present at the back and chipping in with a very respectable number of goals at the other end ? including one at Anfield. His form was so good that he eventually caught the attention of other clubs ? namely Manchester City. Joleon wanted to go to (a) further his career with a club that was and is on a fast track to winning things; and (b) double his wage packet.

Who could blame him? Not me. He didn?t handle it well though and according to reports he had to indicate to Man City that he was serious about joining them. He did this with an infamous strop that was very unprofessional for a player on mega bucks anyway and one who was obviously very happy at being an Everton player at the time until Manchester City had registered their interest. It still hurts and he subsequently gets dogs abuse when he returns. At the end of the saga, we got a fee of £23m, making a profit of £18m on a player who had been nothing short of outstanding in an Everton shirt.

Jô, on the other hand, in two loan spells at Everton, was utter shite. Comfortably the worst player I have ever seen in an Everton short. A couple of half-decent finishes whilst he was here but overall a complete lack of effort in his play, an awful touch, a point blank refusal to tackle and as bad as any other centre-forward I have ever seen in the air. We were obviously paying his wages whilst he was here (or at least subsidising them) and, even if we didn?t pay a fee to take him on loan, he was still expensive for what he gave back.

His second loan spell was cut short because, whilst we were in the middle of a striker shortage, he decided to go back to Brazil on holiday. He was subsequently suspended and his loan terminated. Man City didn?t want him back either and sent him straight on-loan to Galatasary ? where he was also a miserable failure.

He came back to Goodison Park yesterday and, when he comes on as a late sub, gets a round of applause. From me he didn?t even deserve a boo as he was that insignificant here. Should it have been the other way around?

Gareth Humphreys     Posted 08/05/2011 at 10:37:54   Comments (29)

Is It Just in Our Name?

As we have said many times, we are just not attracting overseas investment. Is it in our name? Everton FC... who in the Middle East, South East Asia etc have actually heard of us?

No association with a major city, would Abu Dhabi Investments have bought Man City is its name was Eastlands FC? I doubt it. Not saying we should change our name but, if we were Liverpool City FC, and the other lot were Liverpool Utd FC, would things have been different???
Mike Hargreaves     Posted 08/05/2011 at 02:47:51   Comments (38)

Kenwright Out

As a regular reader of Toffeeweb I have read most of the discussions on Bill "Bullshit" Kenwright. I'm devastated at the way the club is being run; I've joined the Evertonians for Change facebook page... god knows what that will do, but it made me feel a bit better at the time.

Mass demonstrations only seem to be ridiculed as, by participating, you will tarnished for being a kopite, so what to do? Now when scouring through the social network site that is Facebook, I found Billy Bullshit has his own page... and ? seeing as though I'd had a few bevies ? I told him exactly what I thought of him & his attempt at destroying this great club through a message... made me feel a lot better.

What a belter of a way to get your message across & not be insulted by being labelled a Kopite! Imagine if everyone messaged him, at least your point would've been made.
Gary Lawler     Posted 07/05/2011 at 01:03:48   Comments (39)

Supporter Groups ? for or against?

Have just walked past someone today that was wearing an Evertonians for Change scarf. Although i was aware of this group, i was unaware that they had produced scarfs in support of theIr campaign.

Now, being an Evertonian and having a love for all things Everton, I would like to get hold of one. I am a great believer in the smallest things can make a difference... ask my wife!

Having not got involved in any fan groups or organisations, I was also wondering if this scarf idea had done the rounds at Goodison in the past ? as I believe it would be amazing to see large numbers supporting a particular group.

I noticed on Evertonians for Change facebook page, that they are having a function tomorrow night to raise funds for there campaign; are there other groups doing this? And, if so, where and how can I become part of it?

Chris Keightley     Posted 05/05/2011 at 12:17:40   Comments (52)

How much for a Yak?

I imagine that David Moyes & Bill Kenwright have had this discussion recently.

Our last couple of games have highlighted the fact that we need to invest in a striker this summer. I presume that what we get will depend to a large part on what we generate from sales... so how much is Yakubu worth?

Proven Premier League goalscorers (?) will be in demand this summer as new clubs join the Premier League and existing clubs struggle to attract the cream of Europe to places like Stoke, Blackpool & Norwich.

So... is Yak still worth half a Bent, or a third of a Carroll?

Dave Reynier     Posted 05/05/2011 at 12:04:37   Comments (56)

Return of the Black Watch? or Keeping Us in the Dark?

I noticed the OS page this am and presumed the silhouettes were to keep the designs out of the public eye until launch day...

Strangely enough, talking to some fans at the zip-slidey event on Monday, many expressed a wish to commemorate our roots at the next big anniversary with a Black Watch strip, complete with the ruby sash to honour the "Midnight Dribblers".

Sadly, the unanimous opinion was that such innovative and informed thinking is beyond the current "custodians"

Still...I could be wrong again, as I usually am. By the way, Goodison looked magnificent; what a unique ground ? we won't know what we had `til it's gone...

Phil Bellis     Posted 04/05/2011 at 15:05:35   Comments (26)

Our 'Magical Era'

We have had some truly magical era's in the history of the club (mid-80s, Holy Trinity, Dean era, etc) but I bet you didn't realise we had one 3 years ago...

"I want the Everton fans to go easy on Joleon. He played for the club in a magical era and helped us to an FA Cup Final. He left in bad circumstances, but he is a good defender." ? Courtesy of Mr Phil Neville, the born winner, true professional, excellent leader of men and all round top bloke.

This man obviously doesn't understand what Everton Football Club is about and what the fans deem success. I don't care if he played for the mancs and won a billion trophies, he's won fuck all at Everton and he seems quite content with that fact. Phil, I suggest you read up on your history mate and then you will see what a "magical era" for this club really is.
Michael Lynch     Posted 04/05/2011 at 14:46:23   Comments (20)

Bambi On Ice to Spearhead Big Finish!

Well, after the initial laughter on reading the latest Statement of Intent in the Liverpool Daily Post (Anichebe out to spearhead big finish), came a dark chilling shudder at the thought of having to endure watching such a sight. Supporters Faith! WTF planet is he on.

I hope it?s just a sick joke but it could be conceived that Moyes has fallen out with Beckford and sent Round to plant the seed in a desperate attempt to get the faithful go easy on him come Saturday.

Come on discounting Cahill I would still say he?s currently 4th choice Striker behind Beckford, Gueye & Vellios. Shit I?d even give Hallam Hope a game before him.

I?m sure the City players are bricking themselves at the prospect of already being a man up before a ball is kicked in anger.
Alex Buckley     Posted 04/05/2011 at 09:27:39   Comments (56)

What about Cahill?

I am surprised that no-one has questioned the immediate reinstatement of Tim Cahill into the side and what impact it had on our ability to create any meaningful chances against Wigan.

I am not intending to start a debate on what TC has done for Everton ? I along with many others appreciate the effort and loyalty he has consistently shown to the blue shirt. However, there was simply no justification for his selection on Saturday. He did not appear fit, he contributed nothing (as with many games this season) and most importantly to accomodate him we had to move our best and most creative player back out to the wing, a position where we know he has his limitations.

In my opinion Cahill has peaked and is now on a downward spiral. Some players' ability to influence a game diminishes slowly with age, others rapidly... and I fear Tim falls into the latter category.

Don't get me wrong, I hope I am wrong but what annoys me is that, as soon as he is remotely 'fit', Moyes sticks him straight back in the team, even though he is the one player who the whole team structure has to be accomodated for...

The sign of good management is knowing when to phase a player out and the secret is having most people slightly disappointed if he were to be sold. Moyes is in danger of missing the writing on the wall as far as TC is concerned, he should be used as an impact sub and no more if we are to progress...
Mike Elbey     Posted 03/05/2011 at    Comments (49)

Next Season

Having had a good day out at Wigan but seriously disappointed by the real lack of any quality on the pitch, our group stayed in a reasonable pub in Wigan and talked as usual about the future of Everton.

Of course, we almost totally accept that financially nothing will change so we all agreed it would be very much of the same as this season. The debate centred around what can be done with very little and how to get the best out of payers and situations and individual games. The number of games this season that were realistically there for the taking and it was only our own lack of ambition and seemingly courage that meant we came away with nil points or one when we should have taken all three.

Today, I have read the papers and looked through all the websites and see Round talking up Anichebe. Not just talking him up but saying how impressed he was with Victor on Saturday. Well, I was sat in the first row (the 3rd row actually ? the first 2 were empty?) behind the goal and I saw nothing from Anichebe that might give me hope that he would ever come good. Having heard people's comments around me and the reviews of the way he played, Round must have been at a different game. But I am not judging Anichebe by one game ? he has featured in well more than 100 games ? and for me offers absolutely nothing, as he did on Saturday.

I guess we, the fans, are being prepared for next season. This is what we will be watching... with exactly the same outcome, most of us agreed on Saturday evening. Very little is going to change.

While certainly not blaming one player for all of our current ills, it is rather indicative on Moyes/Round that we are fed this terrible football. Saturday's game was dreadful, dull and totally uninspiring ? like so many this season ? and I guess like so many will be next season under the current regime at Goodison.

Finally we talked about Season Tickets for next season, I buy four, for myself, my daughter and grandsons. Will I renew next year? Most probably... because I believe things will change? No! Because I love going to the match, the ritual, the whole day and of course Everton.

Do I love the current regime's style of football? No! So I guess its Anichebe up front next season.

George McKane     Posted 02/05/2011 at 11:13:29   Comments (84)

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