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ToffeeWeb Fan Articles — 2007/08

Taking the Long-Term Approach

by Karl Masters : 30/06/2008

Behind the Royal Blue Shield

by David O'Keefe : 29/06/2008

Leahy - and the real explanation?

by Neil Pearse : 29/06/2008

Forever an Evertonian

by Christine Foster : 29/06/2008

Make anything of it you want?

by Paul Niklas : 28/06/2008

Split Decisions

by Tony Marsh : 27/06/2008

The Devil in the Detail

by Christine Foster : 26/06/2008

How I see it

by John  Hughes : 26/06/2008

Fernandes — That Old Chestnut

by Mick Stanley : 26/06/2008

Fans Buy-In?

by John Colfar : 26/06/2008

Running scared

by Shaun Sparke : 25/06/2008

Are We Running Out of Initiatives?

by Jay Harris : 24/06/2008

Faith, Hope and Moyes!

by Christine Foster : 24/06/2008

A Tale of Two Systems

by Tony Anetts : 21/06/2008

Do We Really Exist?

by Chris Hockenhull : 15/06/2008

Did Irvine make a difference?

by Jim Hourigan : 14/06/2008

Thank You, Dad!

by Adam  Cunliffe : 14/06/2008

Sentiment or business

by Shaun Sparke : 14/06/2008

Depressed from Dublin writes...

by Kieran Fitzgerald : 13/06/2008

My Everton

by John  Hughes : 13/06/2008

Remedial Equations

by Tony Marsh : 12/06/2008

?A little patience... yeeeaah!?

by John Lloyd : 12/06/2008

The Deal of The Century... But For Whom?

by David  Thompson : 12/06/2008

The 35th Option?

by Gary Sedgwick : 11/06/2008

Europe: Competitive advantage? No

by Mike Oates : 10/06/2008

Clutching at straws and a missed opportunity?..

by David Wallbank : 08/06/2008

Knowsley Council Admit Stadium Design Is Poor

by David Thompson : 06/06/2008

And now, the end is near...

by Christine Foster : 05/06/2008

What price Integrity and generosity?

by Anthony Lamb : 03/06/2008

One of the last remaining lies is exposed...

by David Thompson : 03/06/2008

Wake Up, Smell that Coffee!

by Ian Ankers : 02/06/2008

Salary / Revenue Ratio

by Louis Platt : 01/06/2008

Addiction, Superstition & the Transfer Market

by Bradley Nolan : 01/06/2008

That which cannot be replaced

by Rezzie Flanders : 31/05/2008

You know it makes sense!

by Karl  Masters : 30/05/2008

Ever... who??

by Anna Spencer : 30/05/2008


by John  Hughes : 29/05/2008

As high as 9, As low as 24

by Phil Roberts : 29/05/2008

How soon is now

by Dan Parker : 29/05/2008

Keep Your Friends Close And Your Enemies Closer?

by Richard Pike : 28/05/2008

Stand Up, Sing Up

by Adam  Cunliffe : 27/05/2008

What is YOUR Everton?

by EJ Ruane : 27/05/2008

There's debt, and there's debt...

by Alan Kirwin : 27/05/2008

We, fans, are the best

by Mark Phyle : 26/05/2008

Groundshare ? a basis for making it work

by Ray Said : 26/05/2008

A Riposte to Rubles

by Dawson Boyle : 26/05/2008

Question Time

by Tony Marsh : 26/05/2008

Trying to understand

by Dave Wilson : 25/05/2008

Yes or No?

by John  Hughes : 22/05/2008

CD Everton on brink of Championship glory

by Mike  Owen : 20/05/2008

The Current Crop...

by Graham Holliday : 20/05/2008

The 'Carsley Role'

by David Nicholls : 19/05/2008

Weaving away ? from the party line

by Greg Murphy : 19/05/2008

Please don't take my Everton away

by Louis Platt : 19/05/2008

In Defence of Blue Bill

by Matthew Lovekin : 18/05/2008

The Investor Tightrope

by Christine Foster : 17/05/2008

Do we want a foreign investor?

by William Morris : 16/05/2008

Your move, Bill Kenwright...

by Adam Wareing : 16/05/2008

Home Sweet Home

by Jon  Livesey : 15/05/2008

Born Blue, what the money could do...

by Paul Lally : 15/05/2008

Uefa Cup Payments

by Steve Flanagan : 15/05/2008

Hitting the proverbial ceiling

by Phil Martin : 14/05/2008

Clear Blue Water

by Paul Tran : 14/05/2008

A seasoned perspective

by David Gallant : 14/05/2008

Deal or no deal?

by Patrick Hart : 13/05/2008

What could have been...

by Robin Byrne : 12/05/2008

The Best of the Rest

by Colin Grierson : 12/05/2008

Player Ratings for the Season

by John Cottee : 12/05/2008

Playoff for the 3rd and 4th ECL spots?

by Tom Griffiths : 12/05/2008

Has 4-4-2 had its day?

by Jay Harris : 12/05/2008

Good season ? yes; great season ? could have been

by Stefan Tosev : 12/05/2008

3-1 (3 cheers and 1 final hurrah)

by Santosh Benjamin : 11/05/2008

Political Parallels

by Steve Hogan : 09/05/2008

?Don't Know What They Got Till It's Gone?

by Jason Broome : 09/05/2008

KEIOC Senseless?

by Art Greeth : 08/05/2008

Everton vs Feyenoord

by Phil Martin : 07/05/2008

Will it be better next year?

by Harry  Meek : 05/05/2008

The Crime of the Century

by Rupert Sullivan : 05/05/2008

Arsenal (a) - Some thoughts

by Michael Kidd : 04/05/2008

Truth and Trust

by Christine Foster : 04/05/2008

Doing what you say you will do?

by Paul Niklas : 02/05/2008

Size really does matter!

by Chris Marks : 01/05/2008

A Comparison of Grounds

by Jay Harris : 01/05/2008

Board Senseless

by Christine Foster : 29/04/2008

The Art of Keeping the Football

by Matthew Lovekin : 28/04/2008

Help... I'm confused!

by Brian Baker : 28/04/2008

Our anonymous midfield

by Rick Tarleton : 28/04/2008

The Next Step

by Simon Birdsey : 27/04/2008

Not Kirkby, Please

by Cathy Johansen : 27/04/2008

A Material Consideration

by Neil  Adderley : 25/04/2008

Pondering the Big Move

by Ed Fitzgerald : 23/04/2008

Enjoyment Versus Points

by Colin  Grierson : 23/04/2008

Access to new stadiums

by Brian Donnelly : 23/04/2008

The Fans Charter

by Christine Foster : 23/04/2008

Timmy's Touch

by Colin Corrigan : 22/04/2008

Wasted Season

by John Campbell : 22/04/2008

The '40%'

by Thomas Butler : 22/04/2008

Not so sweet response

by Christine Foster : 21/04/2008

Moyes: Another six years?

by John Doolan : 20/04/2008

Fame and the Footballer ? Graeme Sharp

by Carmella  de Lucia : 19/04/2008

What's Happened to My Everton?

by Paul Traill : 19/04/2008

The Arse End

by Alan Kirwin : 18/04/2008

Where Did It All Go Wrong?

by Adam Cunliffe : 18/04/2008

A Simple Matter of Keeping the Ball

by Graham Holliday : 18/04/2008

A Bit of Realism

by Stuart Reid : 18/04/2008

Hard Day's Night!

by Santosh Benjamin : 17/04/2008

Should we walk alone?

by Gareth Humphreys : 17/04/2008

A different view...

by Chris Rudd : 16/04/2008

£78M required for Kirkby....

by David Thompson : 15/04/2008

Should We Stay or Should We Go?

by Adam Cunliffe : 15/04/2008

Reasons to be cheerful.....Part 3...

by James Marshall : 15/04/2008

Create Your Own Luck?

by Paul Foster : 15/04/2008

7th in the race for 4th!

by Colin Grierson : 15/04/2008

Back to basics vs Chelsea?

by Barry Hunt : 14/04/2008

Moyes the New Trev

by Kieran  Kinsella : 14/04/2008

Successfull Season? My Arse!

by Tony Marsh : 14/04/2008

Rantings of a frustrated football fan

by Jonathan Martin : 14/04/2008

Gravesen. The Injured Party?

by Christine Foster : 14/04/2008

What is Moysie's goal???

by David Cooper : 13/04/2008

A Yak of two sides

by Adam  Cunliffe : 13/04/2008

Step forward, our Chairman!

by James McPherson : 13/04/2008

Things are really just fine...

by Simon Hopper : 12/04/2008

Moyes and A Winning Mentality

by Kieran Fitzgerald : 12/04/2008

Another pathetic showing!

by Santosh Benjamin : 12/04/2008

Half Full or Half Empty?

by Gareth Humphreys : 11/04/2008

What next for Davey Moyes?

by Daniel Johnson : 10/04/2008

Criticizing Kenwright: A Basis

by Tom Hughes : 08/04/2008

Criticizing Kenwright

by Adam Cunliffe : 07/04/2008

One flew into the Ram's net!

by Santosh Benjamin : 06/04/2008

A Tale of Two Cities

by Lue Glover : 02/04/2008

What is the point of an Academy?

by Chris Robinson : 02/04/2008

Shame on You Everton FC

by Christine Foster : 02/04/2008

What is Our Problem?

by Tony Marsh : 01/04/2008

It's Not What You Do, It's The Way That You Do It...

by Declan Brown : 31/03/2008

Unbalance causing 'Link-play' Shambles

by Gareth Cooper : 31/03/2008

Derby County ? Stay behind ? Peaceful protest.

by Paul Lally : 31/03/2008

From my seat: Liverpool (A)

by Ken Buckley : 31/03/2008

Looking forward to next season

by Griffin Silver : 31/03/2008

Seriously, what were the options?

by Greg Murphy : 31/03/2008

Not good enough.....

by Dave  Cooper : 30/03/2008

More questions than answers

by Anthony Newell : 30/03/2008

Is it me or are the pondlife regressing?

by Dave Geoffries : 30/03/2008

Pitiful... Pathetic... Pointless

by Tony Marsh : 30/03/2008

Damage limitation

by Santosh Benjamin : 30/03/2008

The Queens of 1964

by Greg Murphy : 28/03/2008

Stuck in the middle with you

by Peter  Laing : 27/03/2008

2008 Hall of Fame Dinner at the Adelphi

by Ian Macdonald : 26/03/2008

The Italian Job

by Ian Macdonald : 25/03/2008

Let's Get It On

by Thomas Butler : 24/03/2008

What Makes Everton FC So Special?

by Christine Foster : 24/03/2008

An opinion... let's move!

by Dave Wallbank : 23/03/2008

Planning Application Objection

by Rev T R Stafford : 23/03/2008


by Stan Sheppard : 23/03/2008

Best Of The Rest ????

by Tony Marsh : 23/03/2008

Into the Unknown

by Mike Oates : 22/03/2008

Strikers... or Lack Thereof

by John Cottee : 22/03/2008

Nothing but the Best

by Christine Foster : 22/03/2008

Can Goodison be re-developed?

by Paul Lally : 20/03/2008

11 points to go

by Steve Guy : 19/03/2008

Where do we set the bar?

by Anthony Newell : 19/03/2008

How bad was our result at Fulham?

by Dave Wharton : 19/03/2008

If Ya Know Yer History

by Tony Marsh : 18/03/2008

Moyes?s Summer Showdown with Bill

by James Brand : 18/03/2008

The Future is Bright, the Future is Blue!

by Neal Kernohan : 18/03/2008

Perspective is Required Urgently

by Jonathan Fogg : 18/03/2008

The Truth was out there...

by Tony Marsh : 16/03/2008

Season Over ? Discuss

by Anthony Newell : 16/03/2008

No Brains + No balls = No Chance

by Santosh Benjamin : 16/03/2008

The People's Club

by Christine Foster : 16/03/2008

Modern-day Spartans

by Andy Lea : 13/03/2008

For those about to rock

by Greg Murphy : 11/03/2008

Why no investment?

by James Crolla : 10/03/2008

There Will Be Blue Blood

by Iain McWilliam : 10/03/2008

Treated like animals

by Lee Molton : 08/03/2008

We've seen it all before

by David Jones : 08/03/2008

Truth behind the 5-man midfield?

by Jason Lam : 07/03/2008

Looking on the bright side

by Kieran Kinsella : 06/03/2008

A Possible Explanation

by John Cottee : 06/03/2008

The ?Dallas? Syndrome

by Colin  Grierson : 03/03/2008

For the Good of the Game

by Kevin  Gillen : 03/03/2008

The Unthinkable?

by Chris  James : 03/03/2008

The Vanishing of Bad Spirits

by Erik Dols : 03/03/2008

Another hurdle cleared!

by Santosh  Benjamin : 02/03/2008

Massive March

by Chris James : 02/03/2008

Progress under Moyes ...

by Christopher Masters : 28/02/2008

The Biggest Threat to Everton?s Progress

by James Crolla : 28/02/2008

Plan C: Time to Share?

by Trevor  Skempton : 28/02/2008

City of Hope!

by Santosh Benjamin : 25/02/2008

The Real Deal

by Kevin Hudson : 25/02/2008

People Watching and the 39th game

by Colin  Grierson : 25/02/2008

Fiorentina: not unbeatable but hard to beat?

by Anthony  Lamb : 24/02/2008

Big yellow taxi

by Derek Thomas : 23/02/2008

A night to cherish!

by Santosh Benjamin : 21/02/2008

Not The People's Club

by Alan Schofield : 21/02/2008

One step from greatness?

by Daniel Gregory : 20/02/2008

St Domingo Football Club

by Paul Lally : 18/02/2008

And the man winked...

by Mike Berry : 17/02/2008

Norwegian Blues

by Ian Macdonald : 17/02/2008

Consistently Consistent

by Shaun Sparke : 16/02/2008

Tim Cahill: is he or isn't he???

by Sean McKenna : 15/02/2008

And the Most Improved Player Award goes to....

by Vinod Kumar : 14/02/2008

The Money League

by Steve Ferns : 14/02/2008

What to do with James Vaughan

by Anthony Lamb : 14/02/2008

Hanging on the coat-tails of others...

by Owen Evans : 14/02/2008

Great Result — But a Few Thoughts for Debate Too

by David  Edwards : 13/02/2008

Peak Football

by Sam  Morrison : 11/02/2008

When football becomes soccer...

by Kevin Crean : 10/02/2008

Not for the faint hearted

by Lue Glover : 10/02/2008

Non Multa Sed Multum

by Santosh Benjamin : 09/02/2008

Forgive the Yak and He Will Score

by Rob Paterson : 09/02/2008

European Super League

by Matthew Lovekin : 08/02/2008

The English(?) Premier League

by Stephen Davies : 08/02/2008

Scaredy Fat Cat

by Dawson Boyle : 08/02/2008

Dark Forces Afoot

by Nick Entwistle : 04/02/2008

Be the 12th Man

by Terence  Leong : 02/02/2008

Much More Required

by Tony Marsh : 01/02/2008


by Ben Howard : 01/02/2008

The Best Served Stadium In The UK?

by Keep Everton In Our City : 30/01/2008

Counterfactual History in Seville

by Gerry Allen : 28/01/2008

'Moving to the next level'

by Joe Strange : 28/01/2008

Boo the bully boys

by Lue  Glover : 28/01/2008

The infamous pieces of the puzzle

by Richard Parker : 28/01/2008

The Enigma That Is Tony Hibbert

by Marc Davis : 28/01/2008

Patience and consistency

by Kieran Fitzgerald : 27/01/2008

Great Expectations!?!

by Ian  Ankers : 27/01/2008

Nil Satis Nisi Optimum

by Paul Lenehan : 27/01/2008

The Time to Attack

by Stuart Reid : 26/01/2008

Shattered Dreams

by Tony Marsh : 25/01/2008

Midfield General

by Mark Cassin : 25/01/2008

Moyes to step up ? again?

by Greg Murphy : 24/01/2008

Alan Green and Radio 5

by Marc  Davis : 24/01/2008

Reflecting on a missed chance

by Graham Holliday : 23/01/2008

The Library...

by Steve Taylor : 23/01/2008

Small Club, Mr Grant?

by Stuart Downey : 23/01/2008

Kirkby or Bust

by Greg Hunt : 22/01/2008

Atmosphere and Stadium Design

by Peter Beigan : 21/01/2008

Only 4 poxy miles...

by Brian Baker : 21/01/2008

Chanting outside the MultiPlex?

by Mike  Adamson : 20/01/2008

Kirkby not for the 21st century

by Mike Gain : 20/01/2008

Heavy Weather!

by Santosh Benjamin : 20/01/2008

Staying or Moving ? A Fan's Experience of Our Current Situation

by Matthew Mackey : 20/01/2008

Faddy: Was he really given a fair crack?

by Paul Traill : 19/01/2008

Gwladys Street ? The Passing of Time

by Charlie Skinley : 18/01/2008

Club v Country

by Anthony Lamb : 18/01/2008

Jimmy Mack, Not Coming Back

by John Turner : 18/01/2008

By The Left

by Rob  Sawyer : 17/01/2008

The Chang Deal

by Andrew Steen : 17/01/2008

Financing the breakthrough

by Kieran Fitzgerald : 16/01/2008

We're Supposed to Be at Home !

by Rob Paterson : 16/01/2008

The Loan Danger

by Mike Adamson : 16/01/2008

Tim Cahill in midfield

by Jack Calvert : 15/01/2008

Sex, Lies and Videotape

by Mike Williams : 15/01/2008

Voicing an opinion

by Tony Marsh : 14/01/2008

Back on track!

by Santosh  Benjamin : 12/01/2008

Goodison Reunion

by Danny  Manning : 10/01/2008

Chelsea Bad, Everton Good and the Law

by Ben Dyson : 10/01/2008

Back to Reality Again

by Tony Marsh : 09/01/2008

Building the Squad

by Glen Strachan : 08/01/2008

And now from Kirkby ?

by Rob Bentham : 08/01/2008

Old Doubts Return

by Brian  Noble : 07/01/2008

Do we need to buy?

by Dan  Pedersen : 07/01/2008

Kirkby is a Movable Feast

by Peter Fearon : 07/01/2008

AZ v Oldham

by Art Greeth : 06/01/2008

New Liverpool Arena

by John Kelly : 04/01/2008

Stadium Plans reviewed

by Brian Baker : 04/01/2008

House of Cards

by Derek Thomas : 03/01/2008

Coming Up... Exactly the Same

by Dawson Boyle : 03/01/2008

A-Star to AJ and Baines

by Greg Murphy : 03/01/2008

Sven doing a Moyes?

by Ian Tunny : 03/01/2008

Do you have to beat the Top 4 to bridge gap?

by Ric Wallace : 01/01/2008

Transfer targets on target!

by Santosh Benjamin : 01/01/2008

Half-Term Prediction

by Phil Roberts : 28/12/2007

Top 4 Fantasy

by Nick Toye : 30/12/2007

Arteta ? magician who needs to freshen up his act?

by Ray Robinson : 30/12/2007

Messing With the Big Boys

by Tony Marsh : 30/12/2007

The Purists... My Arse!

by Mike Berry : 30/12/2007

Alternate Line-Ups

by Simon Birdsey : 30/12/2007

Just A Blip Or....

by Steve  Hogan : 29/12/2007

Reality Check II

by Mike Oates : 29/12/2007

Hatton v Mayweather?

by Anthony Newell : 29/12/2007

Handballs and Handbags!

by Santosh Benjamin : 29/12/2007

Gravesen: The Maniac in Midfield

by Jon Livesey : 28/12/2007

Half a Season

by Glen Strachan : 27/12/2007

Day of Tragedy, Decades of Denial

by Peter Fearon : 27/12/2007

Philled with Joy!

by Santosh Benjamin : 26/12/2007


by Kieran Fitzgerald : 24/12/2007

The Legend that is Eddie Cavanagh

by Graham Weigh : 23/12/2007

Moment of Madness!

by Santosh Benjamin : 23/12/2007

The next five-year cycle

by Tony Anetts : 21/12/2007

Can We Have Some Perspective, Please?

by David Jones : 20/12/2007

All We Want For Christmas.....

by Kevin Tully : 20/12/2007

What a Pass ? Echos of '85

by John Sheron : 19/12/2007

The New Premier League Order

by Chris James : 17/12/2007

Goal Machines

by Tony Marsh : 17/12/2007

Early draws

by Derek  Thomas : 16/12/2007

Apologies from an ?Apologist?

by Chris Keher : 16/12/2007

Too Hard for the Hammers to break!

by Santosh Benjamin : 15/12/2007

A point conceded to the ?Yes? camp

by Greg Murphy : 14/12/2007

Who's Who and What's In It For Whom?

by Louis Platt : 14/12/2007

Sweet Smell of Success

by Tony Marsh : 13/12/2007

Carling Cup runneth over...

by Santosh Benjamin : 12/12/2007

United front

by Brian Donnelly : 11/12/2007

What I Hate About Internet Forums

by Matt Traynor : 11/12/2007

Minutes of the 128th AGM

by Unknown  : 10/12/2007

Onward and Upward!

by Benji Learman : 09/12/2007

Liverpool Echo's Dominic King

by Louis Platt : 08/12/2007

Back to the Future...

by Robbie Shields : 07/12/2007

The enigmatic James McFadden

by Alex Winstanley : 07/12/2007

Three sides to every argument

by Greg Murphy : 06/12/2007

European night... a real winter warmer

by Gareth Cooper : 06/12/2007

Basque ingredients key to the recipe at Everton

by Sean Watson : 06/12/2007

Well that wasn't pretty......

by Richard Parker : 05/12/2007

My summary of my first AGM

by John Waugh : 05/12/2007

Phil Neville: victim of bad poetry

by Pete Mantin : 02/12/2007

The Destruction of a Dream

There will be plenty of our readers who will tap their keyboards angrily with a response along the lines of "Get over it" and "Time to move on" but this comment David Cormell posted on a recent Rooney thread really speaks volumes to something much much bigger than the loss of our greatest ever young prospect.
by David Cornmell : 01/12/2007

See-saw life of us Evertonians!

by Santosh Benjamin : 01/12/2007

My Thanks To Mr Rooney

by Charlie Percival : 29/11/2007

All the best to the Blues, from Nürnberg

by Luzi Ludwig : 27/11/2007

Clattenburg Conspiracy

by Mike Oates : 27/11/2007

A little perspective please

by Jim Hourigan : 26/11/2007

Don't bite the hand that feeds you

by Michael Newton : 26/11/2007

It's a Grand Old Team...

by Santosh Benjamin : 24/11/2007

Mixed Feelings

by Paul Coleman : 24/11/2007


by Dawson Boyle : 24/11/2007

Blues record more losses

by Blue Blog : 24/11/2007

English Football

by Tommy Coleman : 23/11/2007

75,000 Capacity

by Brian Donnelly : 22/11/2007

75,000? Yeah Right

by Greg Murphy : 22/11/2007


by Gary Sedgwick : 21/11/2007

From the latest consultation at Kirkby...

by Tom  Hughes : 20/11/2007

The People's Club?

by Christine Foster : 20/11/2007

The Outsider

by John Sweeney : 19/11/2007

Finch Farm

by Ian Tunny : 19/11/2007

A View to a Kill

by Gisle Kevin : 17/11/2007

Kirkby Stadium: An Apology

by Andrew Steen : 16/11/2007

Whose idea was this?

by Tony Marsh : 15/11/2007

2007 EFC Accounts

by Erik Dols : 15/11/2007

Cahills Return Goes From Strength To Cosmic Strength

by Ed Bottomley : 14/11/2007

New Kirkby Stadium Pictures and the Echo U-turn

by Louis Platt : 14/11/2007


by Alex Jones : 13/11/2007

Michel Ma Belle

by Dawson Boyle : 13/11/2007

Evertonians ? A Nuremburg Rally?

by Gerry Allen : 12/11/2007

Reality Check

by Mike Oates : 12/11/2007


by Simon Grant : 12/11/2007

'There goes my hero...'

by Chris Rudd : 12/11/2007

Finally off that bandwagon...

by Jarrod  Prosser : 12/11/2007

The Late Show

by Matt Traynor : 12/11/2007

What Is This? ? Nürnberg 0-2 Everton

by Paul Traill : 11/11/2007

Setting an example

by Owen  Evans : 11/11/2007

Terrific, Tremendous, Tiny Tim

by Santosh  Benjamin : 11/11/2007

Fan Photos from Nuremberg

by ToffeeWeb  : 10/11/2007

Our History Is Getting Better

by Tony Marsh : 10/11/2007

Feeling Blue!!!!!

by Dave Cooper : 09/11/2007

That Went Well

by Dermot Corrigan : 09/11/2007

Pride, Passion & Belief

by Craig Heywood : 09/11/2007

Two Tribes

by Peter  Pridgeon : 09/11/2007

I think we're going places!

by Ian  Ankers : 07/11/2007

The Triumph of the Bill

by Tony Heslop : 07/11/2007

Why We Always Lose the Referee Coin-Toss

by John Cummings : 06/11/2007

Is Arteta As Good As We Think?

by Charlie Percival : 06/11/2007

The Best Bits of Goodison Park

by Micky Norman : 05/11/2007

Forget Four in a Row ? Here?s Seven

by Greg Murphy : 05/11/2007

Waiting for the watershed

by John Doolan : 04/11/2007

A time to be cautious perhaps?

by Shaun Sparke : 04/11/2007

The Lone Striker

by Owen Evans : 03/11/2007

The Ticketing Boomerang

by Karl Masters : 02/11/2007

Analysis by Bill Kenwright

by John Lloyd : 01/11/2007

Season review so far

by Stephen Kidd : 31/10/2007

In Light of Recent Events

by Andrew Bulmer : 31/10/2007

Has The Penny Dropped ?

by Tony Marsh : 31/10/2007

Mr Motivator

by Peter Laing : 30/10/2007

Turkeys Coming Home to Roost?

by Matt Traynor : 23/10/2007

What makes an Evertonian, Part II — A personal problem

by Gareth Humphreys : 24/10/2007

EPL Clattenberg response

by David Moore : 24/10/2007

What Makes an Evertonian?

by Charlie Skinley : 23/10/2007

Sorry, Mr Moyes ? The Buck Stops With You

by Steve  Hogan : 23/10/2007

Double Standards

by Tommy Hesketh : 23/10/2007

The Blame Game

by Tony Marsh : 23/10/2007

You'll never get a points decision

by Dave Wilson : 22/10/2007

The Referee's a Wanker

by Chris Leyland : 22/10/2007

FA: This is the catalyst, things have to change!

by Louis Huglin : 22/10/2007

Still Furious

by Ian Armitage : 22/10/2007

Clattenberg Cover Up

by Steve Guy : 22/10/2007

Video Technology

by Scott  Robinson : 21/10/2007

We need goals

by Andrew Mahon : 21/10/2007

Still lucky Everton?

by Shaun Sparke : 21/10/2007


by Mick McDermott : 21/10/2007

Graham Poll Would Have Been Proud

by Charlie Skinley : 20/10/2007

More pain but for how much longer?

by Anthony Newell : 20/10/2007

Deadly Dave's Derby Defeat

by Tony Marsh : 20/10/2007

Absolutely peed off

by Mark Wilson : 20/10/2007

Cannot Believe That Was Football

by Declan Brown : 20/10/2007

The Rot Sets In...

by Ed Bottomley : 18/10/2007

Million Dollar Man

by Paul King : 16/10/2007

Derby Week

by Tony Marsh : 14/10/2007

Should We Be On the Mental List?

by Ian Macdonald : 13/10/2007

You Gotta Ask Yourself One Question?

by Martin Wallace : 10/10/2007

The Toughest Route?

by Keith Glazzard : 10/10/2007

Which Everton Are You?

by Thomas Mallows : 10/10/2007

Arteta the Euro middleman

by Ritchie Bann : 10/10/2007

Rearranging deck chairs

by Michael  Newton : 10/10/2007

A United Front

by Jarrod Prosser : 10/10/2007

Tony Marsh ? The Man's Got a Point

by Dave Randles : 09/10/2007

Real Supporters ? What Are They?

by Tony Marsh : 09/10/2007

So how are we doing?

by David Whitwell : 09/10/2007

How are things?

by Joe Wightman : 08/10/2007

?A joy to watch ?

by Iain Thomson : 06/10/2007

European tactics

by Connor  Rohrer : 06/10/2007


by Steve  Guy : 06/10/2007

Cheer up, Evertonians

by Lee Molton : 05/10/2007

Yakerty Yak

by Chad Schofield : 05/10/2007

Be Optimistic Please

by Charlie Percival : 05/10/2007


by Paul Houghton : 05/10/2007

About Last Night...

by Martin Wallace : 04/10/2007

Does the Jag Have a Warranty?

by Neil Alecock : 03/10/2007

Hibbert ? a more balanced view

by Dan Murphy : 02/10/2007

Fanzines and Websites

by Kieran Fitzgerald : 02/10/2007

Watching Footy Online: A Guide

by Allan Hobbs : 02/10/2007

Everton 2 - 0 Boro

by Dutch Schaffaer : 01/10/2007

A long-awaited win!

by Vincent Siow : 01/10/2007

A cold night at Hillsborough

by Gareth Cooper : 27/09/2007

Know Your History ? It Counts!

by Joe Brennan : 27/09/2007

Another 5 Year Plan?

by Tony Marsh : 26/09/2007


by Iain Thomson : 25/09/2007

The True Cost of Kirkby / Redeveloping Goodison

by Roy Warne : 25/09/2007

A Generation thing?

by Iain McWilliam : 25/09/2007

Ginola, Gascoigne .... Gravesen

by Matt  Willey : 25/09/2007

I Admit to being Fair Weather Supporter but why not?

by Alan Purcell : 24/09/2007

Reflections and Questions

by Vincent Siow : 24/09/2007

Standing in the way of progress

by Andrew Edwards : 24/09/2007

Floodgates Now Open

by Tony Marsh : 24/09/2007

Strength in Depth?

by Steve  Callaghan : 24/09/2007

The Domino Effect

by Robin Byrne : 24/09/2007

A shambles on and off the pitch

by Colin Fitzpatrick : 23/09/2007

Moyes:? What happens next?

by Steve Hogan : 22/09/2007

Transition and what it means to EFC under Moyes

by Ray Said : 22/09/2007


by John Coghlan : 22/09/2007

How much further??

by John Audsley : 21/09/2007

Clear Head, Deja Vu, Fundamental Flaws

by Paul Tran : 21/09/2007

X -Rated Horror Show

by Tony Marsh : 21/09/2007

Cup Runs or League position?

by Paul Sheppey : 20/09/2007

Absolute Joke

by Andrew Baxter : 20/09/2007

Euro Disaster Again

by Dutch Schaffaer : 20/09/2007

Away support shows the way

by Brian Baker : 20/09/2007

The design of the Kirkby stadium must change

by Peter  Benson : 19/09/2007

Three steps forward and...

by Brendan McLaughlin : 18/09/2007

Mr Consistency

by Peter Laing : 18/09/2007

What will it take to challenge for silverware?

by Vincent Siow : 18/09/2007

AJ or McFadden for Euro Game?

by Dutch Schaffaer : 16/09/2007

Match Analysis from My Seat (in India)

by Ajay Gopalswamy : 16/09/2007

Great Expectations

by Steve Ferns : 13/09/2007

African Nations Cup

by Michael Tracey : 13/09/2007


by David Moorcroft : 12/09/2007

The truth will set you free!

by Michael Tracey : 10/09/2007

Hope Street

by Tony Marsh : 09/09/2007

View from outside

by Stefan  Tosev : 08/09/2007

Progress: The Blue Boys of 2007!

by Glen Strachan : 07/09/2007

Anger, Apathy and Abandonment

by Ian Macdonald : 07/09/2007

The Great Leap Forward

by David Roscoe : 06/09/2007

Our “easy to please” disease

by Neil Mumford : 06/09/2007

A Review of the Battle

by Colin Fitz : 04/09/2007

Has Davey Stopped Dithering ???

by Keith Harrison : 03/09/2007

Songs from the Gwladys

by Anthony Jaras : 01/09/2007

Welcome Back, Tommy!

by Steve Ferns : 31/08/2007

Possession Is Nine Tenths Of The Law

by Gary Hughes : 31/08/2007

An Open Letter To Sir Terry Leahy

by Nick Klaassen : 23/08/2007

Questions of a Glass Ceiling

by Mike Williams : 29/08/2007

Uefa Cup Seeding - Tonights the night!!

by Steve Flanagan : 29/08/2007

Liverpool Together

by Frank Cunningham : 29/08/2007

Concerns for the Future

by Phil  Martin : 28/08/2007

Euro Seedings - This is the week!!

by Steve Flanagan : 28/08/2007

Stadium Proposals

by Adam Hughes : 28/08/2007

What now for KEIOC?

by Charlie Skinley : 27/08/2007

Delivery and Execution

by Simon Birdsey : 27/08/2007

The Emperor's New Club

by Matt Willey : 27/08/2007

The McFadd-end

by Greg Murphy : 26/08/2007

My two pence worth!

by Rob Heaton : 25/08/2007

What a waste ? Part II

by Anthony Newell : 25/08/2007

Ode to Beatle City

by Cindy Cole : 25/08/2007

Why this nonsense about hotels etc?

by Bruce Wayne : 25/08/2007

A letter to Mr Kenwright

by Steve Pugh : 25/08/2007

A solution?

by Lee Spargo : 24/08/2007

Selling our competitive advantage

by Dan Sedlak : 24/08/2007

Unity - Please

by Rob  Usher : 24/08/2007

Move on

by Steve Guy : 24/08/2007

Mandate for Kirkby?

by Steve Williams : 24/08/2007

The Next Step

by Max Levy : 24/08/2007

10,000 abstensions... A Fuckin disgcrace!

by Dave Stewart : 24/08/2007

My view of the Vote

by John Hughes : 24/08/2007

Not Nil Satis?Quis Satis

by Peter Fearon : 24/08/2007

Bad Loser? ? Perhaps,...

by Rupert Sullivan : 24/08/2007

One True Love

by Keith Harrison : 23/08/2007

KSS Response

by Tom Hughes : 23/08/2007

The Squad Balancing Act

by Robin Byrne : 23/08/2007

Wyness Answers With Complete Clarity!

by Colin  Fitzpatrick : 22/08/2007

Bill Kenwright: Having to do the hard things the hard way!

by Chris Regan : 22/08/2007

Last Chance to Say No

by David Freel : 22/08/2007


by Colin  Fitzpatrick : 20/08/2007

Pleasing Progress

by Matty McDaid : 18/08/2007


by Matt Willey : 18/08/2007

25,000 or 50,000?

by Greg Murphy : 17/08/2007

A non-scouse blue view on Kirkby

by Lee Whatford : 16/08/2007

Three Choices for Everton

by Trevor  Skempton : 16/08/2007

Only Mid-August...

by Lee  Marman : 15/08/2007

Questions for the Three Wise Men of Everton

by Colin Fitz : 15/08/2007

The Consummate Away Performance

by John Holmes : 15/08/2007

Improve The Youth System

by Mike Allison : 14/08/2007

`The future will look after itself``

by David  Hall : 14/08/2007

Fortune needed by the silly

by Eileen Roberts : 13/08/2007

Fortune Favours the Brave

by Colin Fitz : 13/08/2007

Too Little To Late

by Paddy Ditchfield : 12/08/2007

“Sensible Season”

by Viv Sibillian : 12/08/2007

Passion, Passion and More Passion

by Chris Jones : 10/08/2007

Head and Heart: A definite No to Kirkby

by Ged Dwyer : 10/08/2007

Open Letter to Keith Wyness

by James Asquith : 10/08/2007

Say No

by Dwayne Perkins : 09/08/2007

An Open Response to Keith Wyness: Within Hours

by Greg Murphy : 09/08/2007

The Stadium Debate: Saying the Unsayable

by Rob Paterson : 09/08/2007

The Future of History

by David Wharton : 09/08/2007

The Loop ? A Novice's Feasibility Study

by Jim Riches : 08/08/2007

Conspiracies? Surely Not!

A spoiler by Joey Woods reveals the naked truth about all the recent gongs on... Or Not!
by Joey Woods : 08/08/2007

Dateline: Kirkby, August 8th, 2032

by Peter Fearon : 07/08/2007

Nil Satis Nisi Optimum

by Steve Ferns : 07/08/2007

Are Skies So Grey, Roy?

by Art Greeth : 07/08/2007

My Dilemma

by John Pickles : 07/08/2007

Get it right.

by Eddie  Cardus : 07/08/2007

Cloak & Dagger

by Lee Kidd : 07/08/2007

Ins and outs

by Nigel Gregson : 06/08/2007

Yet Another Stadium Article

by Sean Rothwell : 06/08/2007

Two sides to every argument?

by Andy Lea : 06/08/2007

Please, Think of Our Children

by Ian Macdonald : 05/08/2007

Happy fans

by Kieran Fitzgerald : 05/08/2007

Tense, Nervous Headache..?

by Andy  McNabb : 05/08/2007

Lucho and the transfer activity

by Steve Ferns : 04/08/2007

Marvin the Paranoid Android or Elton John?

by Peter Roberts : 04/08/2007

What if the Tesco offer hadn't happened?

If we vote No then the board will be forced to look at the alternatives, but it's just ridiculous that they haven?t done this properly earlier.
by Louisa Roach : 04/08/2007

Community, Traditions, Values

When your pen hovers over the ballot paper, re-open that bottled pride you kept from your last Goodison visit. Ask yourself if you want to lose that feeling forever, and more importantly, dare you take away the opportunity from potential future generations of Liverpool-born blues?
by Richard Gauld : 04/08/2007

Mind games

by Lue Glover : 04/08/2007

?Once They Were Great?

by Ged Simpson : 04/08/2007

So Tired

by David  Barks : 03/08/2007

We've Got Two Cathedrals

by Anne Anakin : 03/08/2007

Joe Beardwood: A response and other views

by Phil Roberts : 02/08/2007

Bestway can deliver!

Some people, especially club officials, seem to be very sceptical about Bestway's ability to deliver and I pick up the impression that some people think Bestway are small timers but this is not borne out by a review of the company.
by Ray Said : 02/08/2007

How Skint Are We?

by Peter Rea : 02/08/2007

Premiership Preview

by Allan Hobbs : 02/08/2007

Moving ground is not the answer

Everyone is making out that moving or improving the ground will take us back on track to the top. Then you're wrong. It is major investment that takes you to the top and the ground will be brought on after the investment in our club.
by Gordon Soames : 02/08/2007

The Ballot

by Anthony Newell : 02/08/2007

The size of the Loop?

by Chris Dawson : 01/08/2007

Skip (Kirkby) to the Loop

by Chris Multesanti : 01/08/2007

Wyness Replies

by Steve Flanagan : 01/08/2007

Plan B's

by John Charles : 01/08/2007

The Light at the End of the Tunnel?

by Ray Mia : 31/07/2007

Arbitrary, contrary and scary

It’s not about the boundary, as such. But it may as well be. No, it’s just the fact that the place hardly registers in our psyche.
by Greg Callaghan : 31/07/2007

Dont risk our club's future over a municipal boundary

This is a massive opportunity for our club to move forward and we should grab it. If we don?t we will regret it and for once we will not be able to blame the Chairman or the board or the club ? it is in our hands.
by Simon Reason : 30/07/2007


In my opinion watching a game of football at Goodison gives you a worse view than at the JJB. Is that really right for a club like Everton?
by Daniel Formby : 30/07/2007

Please think, then think again

by Patrick Whitty : 29/07/2007

Johnson, Kenwright, Deja Vu?

by Paul Tran : 29/07/2007


by Andy Casey : 29/07/2007

Champions League - We're Having A Laugh?

by Lee Kidd : 28/07/2007

An Article About Football?

by John Holmes : 28/07/2007

The ?Cultural Theory? Approach to the Everton Stadium Debate

What can cultural theory this tell us about the current stadium debate at Everton?
by Dr Anthony J Evans : 28/07/2007

Once Were Blues

What disturbs my equanimity the most is the gullibility of those who so readily support the Kirkby move; the ostensible willingness to give in and accept defeat. There are alternatives.
by Cindy Cole : 25/07/2007

Give Peace a Chance

by Andy MacFarlane : 27/07/2007

Gerrymandering ... or Terrymandering?

by Craig Kersey : 27/07/2007

The Bestway Proposal

by Steve Ryan : 27/07/2007

2007-08 Season Preview

by Dan  Pedersen : 26/07/2007

Brand Everton

by Damien Jones : 26/07/2007

A tale of conflicts

by Suren Jo : 26/07/2007

The 3-Card-Trick Vote

The club will tell us that we ARE the People's Club because it gave us a say in the future and the city's oldest club will toddle off out of the city leaving it to the redshite.
by Kevin Latham : 25/07/2007


by David Mills : 25/07/2007

I love my Matchday

by Ste Boileau : 25/07/2007

Kirkby, I presume

by Donnchadh Boyle : 25/07/2007

All that Glitters

Wouldn?t it be nice if the club just for once acted in a professional manner in dealing with what is the most important decision in the last 100 years?
by Alistair Anderson : 24/07/2007

Loops and Merry-go-Rounds

If you were told that a 50,000 all-seater stadium would be ready in time for 2010 at a minimum outlay to the club, and the stadium was in the boundaries, every Evertonian would jump in joy.
by Lee Kidd : 24/07/2007

An Expert's Opinion

Simon Inglis is a world renowned expert on Stadium Architecture History and Design. When asked to give his opinion regarding Everton FC's proposed move to Kirkby he felt strongly enough to give this response.
by Tom Hughes : 23/07/2007

Overlooked. Look Here

In the great stadium debate, I remain undecided but I reckon several factors are being overlooked, to a lesser or greater extent.
by Mike Owen : 23/07/2007

Location, Location, Location

I'd like to ask if Kirkby really is such a great place for a football club?
by Marko Poutiainen : 23/07/2007

Greed is good!

I personally don?t want to move out of Liverpool, but what I want more than anything, is success on the pitch. And if it means Bill Kenwright coins it in, I honestly don?t care!
by Bob Turner : 23/07/2007

Too Late to Cry

by Greg Murphy : 23/07/2007

Free Money, More Fans, Better Beer

by Tony Nixon : 23/07/2007

Turner Trouble

by Dutch Schaffaer : 22/07/2007

Andy van der Meyde

by Wilfred van Vossen : 22/07/2007

Changing Times

by Marc Roberts : 21/07/2007

The answer my friend....

by Steve McBride : 21/07/2007

A Different Way? The Everton Way?

by Stephen Viney : 21/07/2007

If you believe you can or you can't ? you're right

by Paul  Brown : 21/07/2007

Must Try Harder!

I looked with interest on the Official site today and I must say I was very disappointed.
by Karl Masters : 20/07/2007

Our New Stadium

by Paul  Skelhorn : 20/07/2007

Reasons to move

by John Talbot : 19/07/2007

Ask Me No Questions...

We?re moving to Kirkby and those who still believe the vote will make the slightest bit of difference to that are sadly pissing against the wind
by Steve McBride : 19/07/2007

Ground Move

Let's just get the bleeding thing built. I'd watch Everton in a giant cow shed if I was with me mates and we were top of the Premier League
by Colin  Riley : 18/07/2007

Paying the Price

When thinking about the type of stadium we want, we want the best, but how much are people willing to pay once it is built for the honour of watching the team?
by Steve  Williams : 18/07/2007

Vote Yes, Vote No? but Vote!

The attitude that there is no point in voting because the board has made up its mind anyway is one that eligible fans should overcome
by David Roscoe : 18/07/2007

Blame LCC not EFC

It is one of LCC?s prime duties to the City to keep business in the City and help that business grow; whether through arrogance or apathy they have done neither with Everton
by Steve Guy : 18/07/2007

Why we have to move

In my opinion, this deal is too good to turn down. We are being given £50M to buy our own stadium. That?s free money!
by Joe  Wightman : 18/07/2007

All aboard for Lo-Cost Land

It?s effectively official. We?re moving to Kirkby unless the following happens: the so-called Everton ?no Plan B and not binding anyway? ballot unearths an opposition from fans in the order of 90-10
by Greg O'Callaghan : 18/07/2007

Cannon Fodder Fans

So we're going to have a vote are we, with 'no plan B'? Am I missing something? Didn't we used to see a similar thing with the likes of Idi Amin and Mugabe at election times?
by Kevin Latham : 17/07/2007

It's all a done and dusted deal

by Craig Dodd : 17/07/2007

No more Z-Cars

by Iain McWilliam : 17/07/2007

Deciding on the Ground Move

by Brian Hughes : 17/07/2007

The Current Squad:?

by David Roscoe : 17/07/2007

Kill Bill Vol I

by John  Breen : 17/07/2007

One Fan, One Vote

by Rupert Sullivan : 16/07/2007

Everton 'A Soap Opera'

by Steve  Williams : 16/07/2007

Memories of a player from days gone by

by Laurie Hartley : 16/07/2007

Small Squad?

by Dutch Schaffaer : 16/07/2007

Welcome to Doomsville

by John  Breen : 15/07/2007

What are we asking for?

by Jon Sellick : 14/07/2007

We Don't Do Cup Ties!

by Glen Strachan : 14/07/2007

The Value of Star Power: Meat in the Seat

by Peter  Fearon : 13/07/2007

Another way

by Ottar Gadeholt : 13/07/2007

To spend or not to spend...

by Jon Welsh : 13/07/2007

The End of Ambition?

by Rupert Sullivan : 13/07/2007

Two Sides

by John Lloyd : 13/07/2007

Bravo, David Moyes

by Dutch Schaffer : 13/07/2007

Aren't we supposed to be improving??

by Chris Mckenny : 12/07/2007

Bring your boots

by Steve Mc Bride : 12/07/2007

Team for Europe: 05-06 vs 07-08

by Dutch Schaffaer : 11/07/2007

How much is that doggy in the window?

by Robin Byrne : 11/07/2007

Spending That Money

by Jason Heng : 09/07/2007

Do Squad Numbers Matter?

by Mike Mew : 05/07/2007

Managing Your Profile

by Rupert Sullivan : 05/07/2007

Call me a Dock-tor!

by Karl Masters : 02/07/2007

Loyalty ? Refreshing Change

by Matt Traynor : 01/07/2007


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